Monday, January 16, 2012

Hunger Strike

I never thought a dog that hasn't had trouble eating ever in his 13 years would go on a hunger strike. But that's exactly what my little schmuck is doing.

As stated previously, Cliff the Mutt spends his days chilling with Jackson the Beagle. Now J Boy has a herniated disk which hasn't given him trouble in a few years. Well a week and a half ago he started walking funny. Not good. Off to vet to get mega steroids to stop the swelling.

Since the risk of paralysis is high, Jackie is on enforced crate rest. He gets out of it to go outside. Cliff has decided he does not like this and will not eat unless Jack is trying to get to his food.

It's been 3 days since he's had a real meal. He's still running around and eating a little bot I'm about to buy a blender and start playing with syringes. He needs to eat and we can't risk J getting getting permanently paralyzed.

Little twerp's managed to put mom between a rock and a hard place. Seems he's forgotten I'm bigger than him and don't mind digging.