Thursday, October 22, 2009

Target Practice

I'm a little tired of the hands of Fate using me for target practice.

You all know the news from Tuesday.

Well yesterday was an equally sucky day for my car. My poor 10 year old, in fine condition, well loved Ford Explorer.

Woman making a left turn against my going straight through the intersection apparently didn't see me and turned in front of me. I hit brakes but couldn't stop in time. I'm pretty sure she didn't even hit the brakes, she just wanted to beat the light. I didn't swerve because I drive an Explorer and didn't really feel like rolling it.

Airbags deployed and everything. NOT something I ever want to experience again in my life since I first thought the car was on fire from all the smoke from the deploy. The deploy of the bags even burned the sweater I had on, not that I noticed right away.

Since the other driver failed to yield I probably won't be held at fault. Little compensation if I don't get my car back. And it's only worth $5000 and the insurance company totals a car if repairs come in at or above 75% of value. I don't think I'm getting my car back. It has the worst amount of damage of any accident I've ever been in.

I love my car. And there is no way hubby is letting me in anything smaller than it.

So I'd like to get through the rest of the week without anything else horrible happening.

That said they are installing Solar at my house today. The husband has been told to keep his happy, helpful, likes to be in the thick of things self off the roof. Period.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They say Hope Springs Eternal...

... but I may have found the bottom of that well.

I had my annual exam on the 2nd. You ladies know what that means.

Well there was an issue (yeah don't push there if you don't want me to fly off the table in pain) and they sent me in for a full pelvic ultrasound (like I haven't had a bazillion of these over the past 3 years with all the fertility treatments).

The results came back today.


Go look it up. I'll wait.

Worst case, it comes out kit and kaboodle. It is the only cure. I'm too young to hope menopause is around the corner and hormone treatment is basically birth control pills which is not something I'm willing to start taking again at my age because of the risks involved there.

Plus there are two fibroids, which if I have them removed will probably make the adenomyosis worse. But if I don't, they could block a possible implantation. Getting a little sick of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I'm tired of the almost constant pain (which is why I went back in). I'm tired in general of things being wrong with that body part.

My husband and I need to come to terms with the fact that the best course of action might be removal even if means giving up having biological children together.

I think I'm there as much as it hurts. I'm pretty sure he's not. I will hopefully get to speak with the doctor tomorrow about it.

Just so you know, the bottom of the hope spring is a pretty unhappy place.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Go Vote

For my friend PerpStu that is.

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vacation - I had one

This is basically what my attitude was each morning this past week:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Okay except for Tuesday and Wednesday in which I had to set the alarm to get to the day's events on time.

Last Saturday we had a fun dinner and gaming night with friends of ours.

Sunday I came down with the crud that's been going around.
Monday it wasn't any better.

So those two days were spent vegging and sleeping in the recliner in front of the TV with alternating doggies and kitties and knitting and the remote.

Tuesday was off to to Oroville to pick up some auction stuff hubby got.

Wednesday was foster parent training out at VOM.

Thursday was a do what I want day and ended up being a putter around the house some day. I finally got the lazy susan cabinet faces polyed after two + years. It took 25 minutes. Yeah I suck.

Friday was a doggie bath and errand running day. 3 dogs, one human, one detachable shower head and lost of fur and doggie shampoo.

Then we had dinner at a friend's house and took the dogs. We had a lovely time.

Today was more dog and cat care. All animals got frontlined and the dogs got their heartgard.

Then the fun part. I decided to trims the dogs nails. Yeah I know gluten for punishment. Cliff SEES the clippers and goes berserk. Oscar just hates being pinned down for it. Scrat actually did really well. We pulled the Dremel out for Oscar and he finally calmed down and was able to go short enough. Two weeks I'll do it again. All their claws are way too long and I don't want them to end up with foot trouble because of it.

Tomorrow Slugbo and I will work on getting the rest of the forts in place in the front yard so we can get the playground chips delivered and spread out and open the playground for business.

PS I need to get a 'Use at Your Own Risk' Sign for the front yard.