Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Changes are a'Coming

So the blog has been radio silent for a while and I've decided that I need to fix that. In that light, here are mostly current goings on in my neck of the world.

I am getting more involved in my local Fiber Community (yarn, not food people, seriously I consider chocolate a food group) and as part of that I got approved to the Advisory Board of the DFW Fiber Fest over the summer.  I get to be my techie self and help out where needed and get to learn more about this great event that is run by a great group of volunteers.  Yes volunteers.  This entire event is driven by people sacrificing their personal time to bring a great close knit solid community event to celebrate the fiber arts.  And I get to play with them.

As part of my foray into doing more with my hobby, I've also started designing patterns.  Yup,  say hello to Tiny Tyrant Designs:


There isn't much there, because I'm just getting started, but hopefully what I'm offering will be solid and pretty and something you want to make.

Except for the random collection I get invited to be a part of, all of my designs are free.  I may add a donate button at some point that links to my favorite causes but the patterns are free and I'm doing this for fun.  Be kind or be quiet.  If I mess something up I will fix it, just don't be a jerk about it.

One other thing I'm also doing, that I would love to eventually make a profit on is my own skin care line: Soft Kitty Balms:


If you've ever followed the blog, you know the nightmare I ran into 7+ years ago with the skin allergies.  I finally got fed up with not being able to avoid propylene glycol and started making my own stuff and asking friends for their opinions.  I've been on etsy for almost two years and sales are happening, just nothing big time since I love my day job and have no intention of giving it up for this.

Because I want proceeds to be able to go to the Beagle Freedom Project, I'm trying to get more serious about it, just not make a living at it. In light of that, I managed to tie it into my love of all things yarn and guess who managed to get into the goody bags at the November Strung Along Retreat starting this Friday in Port Ludlow WA?

I found out late Sunday that they were still taking offerings for it and oh the scramble.  I would have to ship overnight to make the deadline of getting it across the country before Friday so they could add it to the other items.

A wonderful shout out to my friend Terri Mitchell for being my assembly line while I got everything processed.

This is what we ended up shipping:

A cute little turtle stitch marker and a heart button to a tie into my Turtle Trail Shawlette, so attendees know that Soft Kitty Balms has a fiber connection.  My Basic Balm, whipped to make it easier to use, a little goes a long way, and my super favorite Lip Balm in Peppermint.  All packed up in 49 pretty purple packages.

So now I wait and hope that my offerings are well received.  Maybe I'll get more sales, maybe I won't, but at least I tried. I put it out there.

And because I love my cats here are a couple of gratuitous shots of my Squeaks, Ru and Cinna.