Monday, September 29, 2008

Pam Rinella - In Memory of

For those friends of my mother-in-law that are being directed here to the blog by her son Ken.

The memorial services for 'The Pie Lady' will only be held on Mt. Lemmon.


Community Center
When: Saturday October 4th
Times: 3 pm to 6 pm

Please bring something food wise to share.

If you would like to bring flowers or something of that nature, we would prefer, per Pam's wishes, that donations be made to The Hermitage or The Humane Society of Southern Arizona in Tuscon, in her name.

Also, if you plan to come up and know more people that are, please carpool. Anyone that has been up the mountain knows that parking is at a premium.

As I get more details, they will be posted here and to the Mt Lemmon Cafe website.

Thank you to everyone that has been such a help during this sad time in our lives.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beyond Tired

I am still in Arizona, but not for much longer.

I hit the road tomorrow morning (Sunday) with a moving truck full of furniture and a very vocal 7 weeks old kitten that needs a home - any takers (on the kitten people not the furniture though I will need help unloading - feel free to come by Monday any time after 9 am Pacific).

It has been a long week. I am at my sister's right now getting ready for bed so the drive isn't a total bear tomorrow. Hubby is still up on the mountain and will be for probably another two weeks while they continue to get things settled. Our friend Shane flew in last night to help him while I head home and our friend Lisa is holding down the animal side of things at home till I get home.

If you do nothing else for those left behind, please make sure important information such as the following:
  • wills
  • life insurance policy
  • health insurance policy
  • property deeds
  • bank information
  • you get the picture

is in a secure and KNOWN location. That would be known by someone other than the deceased. You wouldn't think you'd have to tell people this.

I've already called my parents and said that I don't care if I'm in your will, I just want you to make sure that there is more than one copy in the hands of someone other than yourself.

Death is never easy to deal with, especially those that were unexpected. 65 is too young.

Thank you for all the kinds words.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rather Unexpected News...

No one will ever want to have the morning we did.

Sheriff's Deputy knocked on the door this morning at 6:22am to inform my husband that his mother passed away last night and his step father was in the hospital.

Marty is home now and in shock as are the rest of us.

We just spoke to her yesterday and she seemed to be fine.

She went peacefully.

We are getting down there (Tucson) as soon as possible.

I'll be out of touch for about a week.

Think good thoughts. I'm not sure it's really hit us just yet.

Goodbye Pam. You were a very special person who will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Promise

of things to come.

How can one little room hold such a heavy load on it's shoulders, so to speak?

This room holds two promises.

1. The promise of pictures from the last post (I keep those promises)
2. The promise of a child that will hopefully enter our lives soon and get to stay for a while and hopefully find some peace, even if only for a little while.

First the picture

I consider the main wall in all of our rooms the one wall that is not broken by a door, a window or a closet. This is the wall that is usually the main focus of the room and where I tend to choose to put the predominate color of the schema that is in my head.

I wanted this room to be green. It's a good neutral color and most kids like it. But the green I chose (Behr's Asparagus) is too dark to do the whole room. So I needed something to off set it.

So I found a blue with a pretty name (Behr's Coastal Mist). I painted the other three walls that color and used some of the left over green in the closet.

All the trim in the room is the same green in a semi gloss, and the trim around the window will be that color as well.

We bought new closet doors because the originals were as old at the house and had taken a major beating.

So now I get to have even more fun with the paint on those. This is the first run and that took 4 hours. UGH. It's hard work to get those lines right. I am going to do the other side the opposite way since we aren't sure how it's going to look and this way we can choose to flip them over every now and then if we like.

Then we have the promise of the child. We are still awaiting our first foster placement. No news yet. But we have been reading all the books about trauma and attachment and what some of the kids we might get could have gone through. That means this room needs to be peaceful but cheery enough to help that child work through the events in their life that brought them into our lives, hearts and home.

I want this to be a place where they do not have to be scared or worried or lonely or angry. And while all of those emotions will be a part of them by the nature of their placements, maybe this room can help them forget for a little while and know that they have a place where they are safe and loved and cared for with no strings attached. Then maybe, just maybe, for a little while they might also be happy.

That is a lot of promise for a little room, but perhaps it is a promise that can be kept.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I wish I could say I were Slacking...

but it appears all slacking is only on this here blog.

Quickie update
  • Issue from last post got resolved
  • Last Saturday I worked AGAIN, and then did more lovely things to the new kid room in the house. We are still hoping for our first foster placement. The room is painted, blues and greens, and we are waiting for a phone call. No furniture yet
  • Sunday we played hooky and took the doggies to the Bay Area Pet Fair where my little Cliff the Mutt got THIRD Place in the Most Muttalicious category of The Other Dog show.
  • Monday back to the slog and I let my cold get the better of me
  • Tuesday stayed home sick and start MS4 with Habu Textiles Bamboo Lace weight in Charcoal. Stash yarn from last year. And SLEPT a lot.
  • Wednesday - work and more work and a hair cut and taking care of Hubby since I was kind enough to share my cold
  • Today - rough day - but all is well. I'm not elaborating here any further. Suffice it to say Operation Baby Quest is in full gear again and I shan't be sharing here as promised. I'll just have to torture you in person.
  • Tomorrow - I think hubby and I are going to dinner for our anniversary which is Saturday
  • Saturday - 5th wedding anniversary - not sure what we are doing. Sleeping in will perhaps be on the menu but I might hit kickboxing class in the morning.
  • Sunday - my birthday - again with the sleeping and whatever else I want to do that day. It is my day after all.
  • Monday - I'm taking a comp day
FYI, I started Taunya's kickboxing class and I'm enjoying it. What's not to like, They let me hit and kick stuff that doesn't strike back.

Pictures of the new room next post I promise.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why am I in this Handbasket...

and where am I going?

And who wants to come along?

Let's just say it was a bad day. I cannot elaborate further.