Monday, June 23, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

I've been slacking on the blog front lately. I can blame it on being sick and still generally negative and didn't want to torture all of you with that.

I am starting to feel better, but the fire smoke is aggravating things, and let me tell you that Biacin is EVIL EVIL stuff. I don't like plorking at home improvement stores. :-( But I will finish the course because I'm a good little patient. (heh - I crack myself up)

So last Tuesda
y I had to run an errand for hubby up in Healdsburg and my friend Susan lives up there and I was like, ooh I can take her egg carton back and finally meet the chickens. As I hit town I saw that the Farmers Market was that night.

So I get hubby's errand done (client's office got broke into and went and picked up their server) and headed back out of town and gave Susan a call. Hmmm, she's not home. So I call her cell. Sure enough she's at the Farmers Market, so I turn around.

I found Susan at the town square and chatted for a bit and made sure she had more eggs for me
to take home. I had to wait till 4 on the dot to actually make the purchase. LOL I love seeing her, she's just the sweetest thing.

So I got eggs from Susan, and then I got some cherries and peaches and boysenberries from a couple of other stands and headed home.

We spent the weekend working on the bedroom remodel some more (moved back in Saturday night), so I got up yesterday and wanted to make breakfast (see I told you I'm sick).

Green Eggs and Ham (prosciutto - mmm Cittero) omelets.

Hubby got a three egg omelet and made a two eggs one for myself.

I started my Fawkes sock at midnight Friday for Summer of Socks 2008.

I cannot believe how fast it's working up. I'm doing it on DPNs, and I'm already at the gusset decreases. The pattern is pretty easy but I still don't have it memorized.

The yarn is just scrumptious. Claudia Handpaint in Citrus. The color is brighter in person and perfect for something based on flames.

And the best thing...

It fits so far.

I will probably do Nanner socks next or the SoS only pattern that Wendy created for this year's SoS, I have some obnoxious stripey yarn that will look great with it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You should be very very glad...

that I missed knit group this past weekend and the one before.

I have bronchitis. I never knew until today that it is contagious. At least one of my co-workers is going to kill me when they find out. Sigh.

I now have good drugs that hopefully will work at least on the coughing.

There's been knitting, and Travian, and Pirates, and construction, but I'm going to go see if I keep my lungs INSIDE my chest for a little while longer.

However still no munchkins yet. We are hoping for a placement call soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Thoughts are Needed

I've been up since 3:45 this morning. What woke me I couldn't tell you. All I know is I sat straight up in bed, wide awake and saw my husband getting dressed and little boy Scrat was on the bed (a BIG no-no in our house) waiting for him.

Turns out Scrat woke Hubby up crying. Scrat's been throwing up lately among other things, but then he just keeps on going. I switched his food and we kept an eye on him.

We thought it might be a reaction to the shots he got last week (Lepto, Rabies and Distemper), but his energy level was fine. He horked dinner again last night and we decided to call our vet this morning to see if she wanted to see him.

Then this morning, as stated, he woke Ken up crying around 3 am. Ken took him out to the office to see if he would settle, but he just kept wandering around the office and crying at random intervals then horked again.
So Ken brought him back in to get dressed and take him to the emergency vet that is just around the corner.

I, of course, went with. On the way over, he was in Ken's lap and started crying again. :-( They took him back and couldn't find anything through touch. Gave the vet the history. She gave us some options. We know he will eat anything he can get in his mouth, so she recommended an XRay.

Sure enough, the little bugger has a good sized rock in his small intestine. We don't know if it is stuck, or if it might pass on its own. It is maybe about the size of a robin's egg (not huge, but not small). They have him on fluids and pain meds right now to rehydrate him and to see if it moves any.

We suspect they will probably decide to operate after we talk to them again at 10.

Think good thoughts please. We love the little bugger and would like him back in one piece.

FYI - is a lifeline given what we are going to have to drop to pay for this. Approved quickly for more than I asked for, so one less thing to worry about.


He's OKAY! No surgery. I called at 10 and they said they would do the next X-Ray at noon and then call me.

Pins and needles let me tell you. It had moved but they were not really sure where it still was in the intestinal tract, small intestine or colon. At this point we start to worry about abrasion and possible puncture and subsequent infection, but his blood work as fine.

We made the decision to take the doc's recommendation and inflate the little bugger (poor guy) and take another XRay (he's gonna glow in the dark tonight) to see if they thought it could move further before deciding to cut him open. That was all happening at 12:30 and I went to lunch.

2:30 still no call. Start hounding hubby to call them. He's of the no news is good news. Not she who is hyped on an AMP drink to stay awake (evil stuff stay away from it). So he caved and called them for me.

The rock came out on its own! He is MUCH happier. Hopefully Ken will get to go get him soon. They may monitor him for infection for a little while longer.

I got the little bugger a muzzle at lunch time, so we don't have to go through this again. He's outside unsupervised, he's in the muzzle. Period. First chicken bones (don't ask - they know us well at this place), now this.

And I'm keeping that rock. It cost me about $1000. It's mine.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kick Me While I'm Down

Today is the last time I blog about our baby quest unless something good comes out of it.

We had a good cycle last cycle in terms of procedure and a hopeful outcome. We did everything right, our doctor did everything right.

However, Friday Mother Nature again decided to kick me in gut, with no warning (no PMS, nothing). There is no baby to be, the last IUI was unsuccessful and we saw the fertility specialist on Friday to see where we go from here.

There is another test to see just how big of an impact the scar tissue from that fateful C-Section 18 years ago (yeah he turned 18 two weeks ago, I cannot believe it) has had on the inside of my uterus. Those results will determine if we actually move forward with IVF attempt, or give up completely.

So I spent most of Friday afternoon hoping that no one at work could hear me crying, because I really couldn't stop crying for long periods of time. Of all the days to be out of Kleenex at work.

Woke up Saturday with a fever and no voice, I guess the Fates decided to kick me while I'm already down. Emotional breakdown followed by a physical one. Gee thanks. It's appreciated. Not.

I am doing better today. Fever broke last night. Mostly just aches and a headache at this point. Trying desperately to keep my depression from getting the best of me. I should be in the office tomorrow, but T if I'm not and you read this, you know why.

Now if I could just figure out who gave me this bug, I'd be much happier, because I'm more than inclined to give it back.