Saturday, March 31, 2012

Counting Down for Cliff

Cliff gave me a real good scare a week ago.

Every breathe was a battle, huffing, obviously not getting enough air.

Thought maybe I could wait till morning.  I know he has a bad heart, and it's causing fluid build up.  It is why he is on all his meds.

Ended up taking him to the emergency vet that Friday night at 10pm.

They did x-rays and his lungs were almost full of fluid.  And he has a neoplasia...  Which is a tumor that was not there 3 months ago.

So he did not get to come home that night.  Again, after I promised it would not happen again, I was leaving him alone at the vet.

He spent the night in an oxygen tent and getting IV injections of Lasik to dry out his lungs.

He was better Saturday night when I got to bring him home.

But it is a waiting game.  Every cough is a scare.  How long do I let him deteriorate before I have to make that decision?  The one I dread with every fiber of my being.

So we are counting down.  One day at a time.  Each day is a blessing.  Each cough is a knife through my heart.  I know the sand is running out of the hourglass for the best companion I have ever had in my life.

I love you so much Cliff the Mutt.  

I will have more pets some day, but none will ever take your place.  When you go, a big part of my heart goes with you.