Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Time Flies

Yes I know.

Once a year is not a real blog, even my Dad has asked that I post more since he's not on FB.

I plan to try in 2016 because I want to spend less time on FB.

If you are still here, thank you.  If not, thank you still, because I understand.

2015 had some changes, good and bad like any year.

We lost JtheB to cancer and age.  The Squeaks did not understand.  We are all dealing with it as best we can.

I changed jobs again.  Reconnected with some family members.  Made and lost some new friends.

It's life.

Over all, 2015 was a good year.  Still playing with yarn.  Need to get back to my cross stitch and I still want to figure out how to use my Cricket Loom.

I hope your year had the good out weigh the bad.

And I plan to be around here more in 2016.

Happy New Year