Monday, June 16, 2008

You should be very very glad...

that I missed knit group this past weekend and the one before.

I have bronchitis. I never knew until today that it is contagious. At least one of my co-workers is going to kill me when they find out. Sigh.

I now have good drugs that hopefully will work at least on the coughing.

There's been knitting, and Travian, and Pirates, and construction, but I'm going to go see if I keep my lungs INSIDE my chest for a little while longer.

However still no munchkins yet. We are hoping for a placement call soon.


Cookie said...

Oh no!

I hope the meds work quickly, so you feel better soon.

Alison said...

Get better soon!

Romi said...

Huh? It *is*?!?! I've never heard that it's contagious....

Hope you feel better!

Tiny Tyrant said...

Yep Romi.

Air particles from coughing up the yucky stuff in your lungs.

So cover your mouth people. ;-)

And yeah I do.