Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beyond Tired

I am still in Arizona, but not for much longer.

I hit the road tomorrow morning (Sunday) with a moving truck full of furniture and a very vocal 7 weeks old kitten that needs a home - any takers (on the kitten people not the furniture though I will need help unloading - feel free to come by Monday any time after 9 am Pacific).

It has been a long week. I am at my sister's right now getting ready for bed so the drive isn't a total bear tomorrow. Hubby is still up on the mountain and will be for probably another two weeks while they continue to get things settled. Our friend Shane flew in last night to help him while I head home and our friend Lisa is holding down the animal side of things at home till I get home.

If you do nothing else for those left behind, please make sure important information such as the following:
  • wills
  • life insurance policy
  • health insurance policy
  • property deeds
  • bank information
  • you get the picture

is in a secure and KNOWN location. That would be known by someone other than the deceased. You wouldn't think you'd have to tell people this.

I've already called my parents and said that I don't care if I'm in your will, I just want you to make sure that there is more than one copy in the hands of someone other than yourself.

Death is never easy to deal with, especially those that were unexpected. 65 is too young.

Thank you for all the kinds words.


Cookie said...

I hope it's a safe uneventful drive home. Notice I did not say quiet. ;^)

Still thinking about y'all.

DK said...

Oh, gosh. Safe travels. Fortunately, kittens are good luck.

Because I said so, that's why.

I know, right?'s comfortable at the time, but it just causes so many more problems in the long run...