Thursday, September 11, 2008

I wish I could say I were Slacking...

but it appears all slacking is only on this here blog.

Quickie update
  • Issue from last post got resolved
  • Last Saturday I worked AGAIN, and then did more lovely things to the new kid room in the house. We are still hoping for our first foster placement. The room is painted, blues and greens, and we are waiting for a phone call. No furniture yet
  • Sunday we played hooky and took the doggies to the Bay Area Pet Fair where my little Cliff the Mutt got THIRD Place in the Most Muttalicious category of The Other Dog show.
  • Monday back to the slog and I let my cold get the better of me
  • Tuesday stayed home sick and start MS4 with Habu Textiles Bamboo Lace weight in Charcoal. Stash yarn from last year. And SLEPT a lot.
  • Wednesday - work and more work and a hair cut and taking care of Hubby since I was kind enough to share my cold
  • Today - rough day - but all is well. I'm not elaborating here any further. Suffice it to say Operation Baby Quest is in full gear again and I shan't be sharing here as promised. I'll just have to torture you in person.
  • Tomorrow - I think hubby and I are going to dinner for our anniversary which is Saturday
  • Saturday - 5th wedding anniversary - not sure what we are doing. Sleeping in will perhaps be on the menu but I might hit kickboxing class in the morning.
  • Sunday - my birthday - again with the sleeping and whatever else I want to do that day. It is my day after all.
  • Monday - I'm taking a comp day
FYI, I started Taunya's kickboxing class and I'm enjoying it. What's not to like, They let me hit and kick stuff that doesn't strike back.

Pictures of the new room next post I promise.


AlisonH said...

Happy anniversary!

Cookie said...

Happy anniversary!


Happy Birthday!

no-blog-rachel said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary! Sorry you couldn't make it to Boonville - we'll have to get together another time!

myboringblog said...

Happy birthday and anniversary!

DK said...

Dude! How did I not know it was your birthday?!?!!!?!?!!!! Happy way belated birthday!

Also, happy anniversary!!!'s an MS4? In my world, that's either a fourth year medical student or possibly shorthand for morphine (usually MSO4, on account of, morphine sulphate). I'm guessing neither of the above...

PS - Cliff is totally the most muttalicious dog in the whole state of California! Give him a smooch from me and Mags (AKA the best mutt in all of Carolina)!

Tiny Tyrant said...

And you didn't know cause I didn't tell you silly girl. hehe

MS4 - mystery stole 4. :-)

Only thing medical related I'm playing with these days are IVF terms - ugh.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday and I'll be sure to pass on the smooches to Cliff.