Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vacation - I had one

This is basically what my attitude was each morning this past week:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Okay except for Tuesday and Wednesday in which I had to set the alarm to get to the day's events on time.

Last Saturday we had a fun dinner and gaming night with friends of ours.

Sunday I came down with the crud that's been going around.
Monday it wasn't any better.

So those two days were spent vegging and sleeping in the recliner in front of the TV with alternating doggies and kitties and knitting and the remote.

Tuesday was off to to Oroville to pick up some auction stuff hubby got.

Wednesday was foster parent training out at VOM.

Thursday was a do what I want day and ended up being a putter around the house some day. I finally got the lazy susan cabinet faces polyed after two + years. It took 25 minutes. Yeah I suck.

Friday was a doggie bath and errand running day. 3 dogs, one human, one detachable shower head and lost of fur and doggie shampoo.

Then we had dinner at a friend's house and took the dogs. We had a lovely time.

Today was more dog and cat care. All animals got frontlined and the dogs got their heartgard.

Then the fun part. I decided to trims the dogs nails. Yeah I know gluten for punishment. Cliff SEES the clippers and goes berserk. Oscar just hates being pinned down for it. Scrat actually did really well. We pulled the Dremel out for Oscar and he finally calmed down and was able to go short enough. Two weeks I'll do it again. All their claws are way too long and I don't want them to end up with foot trouble because of it.

Tomorrow Slugbo and I will work on getting the rest of the forts in place in the front yard so we can get the playground chips delivered and spread out and open the playground for business.

PS I need to get a 'Use at Your Own Risk' Sign for the front yard.


Cookie said...

Wow! You really know how to have a good time.


karin aka perpstu said...

No, no, no! One does not trim pet claws on a lazy day! I always come away bleeding and bruised! LOL

The rest of your week sounds like fun - except for the sick with crud part!