Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So so close

All right folks.

Here's the check list
  • House is clean - check
  • Carpet is clean - check (that happened today)
  • Island has doors - check (that happened yesterday)
  • Pond is empty - check - Dinke - the turtle - is in a temp pond and will spend Friday in a bucket in the garage - she still needs a home - any takers?
  • Backyard is clean - check
  • Side of garage has been purged - check
  • Dump run has been made - check
  • Front yard is clean and mown and presentable - check
  • Garage is neat (clean is not really an option) - check
  • Tulips are blooming - check - at least one and I have NO control over that
  • Dog room/Craft room is clean and organized - check
  • Water clearance - check
A lot has been done, it still seems like we have a lot to do, but that's just panic.

I am currently (well blogging - but should be) culling the knickknacks in the living room to lighten the dusting load and then once the carpet is dry move all the furniture back into it.

Smokey Cat got a new outside condo. We are going through the firewood as quickly as possible to get the pile down to a manageable level.

Scrat the Brat had a horrible day at the vet yesterday. 5 teeth removed. At some point before we got him (a year ago next Tuesday) he took a header into something HARD. Personally I think he got kicked, but I've also seen him barrel across the front yard, over the wall and whatever else is in the way with his sole focus on the tennis ball that was just thrown. So who knows. Either way, really drugged up snoring little monster last night. He's feeling much better today.

No knitting (I've been busy). But we met our Adoption Specialist yesterday afternoon to get that part of the ball rolling. So we get to go through all the paper work, and medical tests and home studies all over again very very soon.

Rest of this week:

Thursday: Help Ken with a client, final check of chemicals and meds for inspection, pack bags for Ken to go pick up his mom and bring her back for a three week visit.

Friday: Home inspection bright and early, see hubby off on his trip, wait impatiently for the service repair dude that's supposed to come between 1 and 5 pm to fix the lock on my washing machine. I'm taking bets on him showing at 4:45. Gr.

Saturday: KNIT GROUP! Then maybe up to Sac to see my friend Bec

Sunday: Make sure guest room and RV are ready for MILs arrival. Breathe.


Magnolia said...

Hey I just wanted to wish you luck, and say that I love your kitchen island. My husband is giving me the 'woman please' look when I bring it up I might have to employ the Napoleon to help.

no-blog-rachel said...

Damn - that's one long list of accomplishments. Good luck - I'm sending all the positive vibes I have in your direction!

Tig said...

Great Job!!!! Best of luck on the inspection. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.