Friday, January 8, 2010

Trying to Get it Under Control

Since I'm OCD, this is not a surprising statement.

However since I'm talking about my knitting I expect loads of laughter to ensue.

I have a problem.

It's called Startitis. I LOVE to start new projects. I LOVE to pull patterns down that I KNOW I have the stuff to finish.

I need to knock it the f* off.

I have a ton of yarn.

I am in 3 sock KAL contests, whatever that start in the next two weeks.

I just committed myself to a wedding present for a friend's fiance. The wedding is in May. I chose Icarus. I want to add beads to it. I think perhaps I should shoot myself instead, but the yarn for it was only $12.

I need to finish the Husband's sweater (that might be a Ravelypmic WIP event project). I need to finish the second sock for the dad of the sprites down the street that now have mittens. Not to mention socks for two co-workers that are already on the needles.

There is also a BSJ due mid April for another friend's first child.

I need to go through my wips and figure out what I'm actually going to finish and what I'm not and recycle the yarn.

I need to stop starting projects bigger than socks till I get some of the old stuff out of the way. And I need to find the battery for my camera so I can start posting this stuff again.

Let 2010 be the year of the WIP Smackdown.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Oh yeah. Time to beat the UFOs back into submission. It's killing me not to start something - there are a ton of things I want to make!

I'm hoping to either finish or frog something that's not 'working' at a one/month rate. If I can do that, then I'm free to start something else.

Anonymous said...

I'll help you with the shawl, if you need it. We can have a mini KAL....


Mindy said...

But starting projects is sooooo much fun!

Karin said...

Finally, a name for my ailment - startitis! Maybe we should trade some projects, you do mine and I'll do yours, and then something will get finished.

AlisonH said...

UFOs not in progress are useful creatures, spores biding their time till for the day when you need something NOW and hey, look, all you have to do is half a project and poof, it's done!

It's stash-itis is what it is.

Leslie said...

Someone has heard your plea. Just found this fun, tongue in cheek knitting site. Have you seen it?