Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreams Move On

Dreams can be those you have during sleep.

Dreams can be day dreams that get you through the boredom.

Dreams can be those hopes you have for the future.

Some dreams become reality. Others move on.

Right now the dream of children in our household has moved on.

I will be having a surgery within the next 6 to 8 weeks that I'd hoped to avoid. That I'd hoped to put off for one more IVF attempt. That I'd hoped could be held off to give me time to make this dream a reality.

But it was not meant to be. Whatever fate has in store for us right now does not include children.

There are other roadblocks in our way right now for alternate options. We are working on knocking them down, but the truth is they might defeat us.

So for now, the dream of children has moved on.

Here's hoping it may come back some day.


Anonymous said...

great big huge ((((hugs)))) hope the surgery goes smoothly & that you heal quickly & well!

Toni said...

Everything I want to say would sound like a glib cliche. My heart hurts for you and your husband, I will continue to hold you in my prayers as you move forward.

AlisonH said...

Oh honey. I'm sorry.

health and travel said...

oh, I'm sorry to hear that and hope you move forward with your reffort.