Monday, August 27, 2007

There's yarn in my house....

who knew?

Not me, that's for sure.

Another weekend spent on the construction project. I really must take some pictures. I have a feeling Romi thinks it's a figment of my imagination so I don't have to do something scary like meet new people.

We finished running all the smurf tube for the electrical conduits for all the outlets and lights and ceiling fans.

A ton of insulation was purchased on Saturday afternoon.

Nathan and his girlfriend Tina came over on Sunday bright and early to help. I was relegated to wielding paint brushes and sprayers, in an effort to keep me a mile away from the insulation (just thinking about that stuff makes me itch). We do know that all exposed wood on the outside of the structure must be covered (at least primed) to get the permit finalled. So off with primer and the sprayer I go.

Here is where I am very glad I do NOT have pictures. Note to self when using a paint sprayer, especially to do eaves over one's head, is to wear a hat. At the end of the day I was covered in paint and primer. Hair shellac in bright white and copper coin dots, with some actual drips thrown in to drive me nuts.

Never have I been so grateful for my tankless hot water heater. I think I got all of it out. It's only took an hour. Sigh. I'll be taking sponge baths for the rest of the week to make up for all the water I used.

Tonight hubby finishes the insulation so we can get inspected tomorrow and find out what else has to be done to get the thing finalled.

Then my 'vacation' starts Wednesday, in which we will spend at least two days attempting to knock out everything required to pass the final inspection.

We almost might still be making quick (ha) jaunt down to the Arizona for hubby's 20 year reunion.

Since I had the paint out yesterday, after priming I managed to get about two thirds of the entire garage structure eaves painted in the CORRECT color. The really big thing was the trim on the front of the garage. A couple of years ago when we got a WORKING garage door opener installed we thought we were going with a different color scheme.

So the trim ended up a really really really dark brown.

Last year we finally finished the final paint job on the house and the main part of the garage and realized the brown had to go. So on the front of the garage you could see the ugly brown trim with some of the right base, where plastic had been put up to protect the garage door itself.

I got tired of the front of the garage having a split personality, so I tackled that yesterday too. It needs one more coat of paint, but still looks WAY better than it did. Once the eaves are done in front, it will be ready for the pic a friend of ours wants since we used his stone panels for part of the front.

Either way, a lot got finished. More could have been done, but sleep is a general requirement these days as well as cleanliness.

On a knitting note. A friend down the street is expecting. I wasn't supposed to know yet, but I'm observant and noticed the motion sickness wrist bands she was wearing the other day and asked about them. Unexpected, unplanned, she's older... so they are waiting to announce until the ultrasound this week, but all the blood work was fine, so all of our fingers are crossed. This would be baby number 2 for her and I have no idea what to make. Let's just say I'm tired of booties.

Any ideas?


Romi said...

It's ok. Taunya vouched for you. ;)

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hubby has been informed that I intend to start trying to get up there at least twice a month.

Running by.... said...

Enjoy your know I'll hold the folks at bay for you. Do try to come soon to Saturday knit. It's a great group.