Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why couldn't I just say 'Hi'?

The fact that I am horribly shy seems to escape most people. Kind of like my fear of ladders. I'll get up on them because I have to, but I spend every minute absolutely terrified.

Meeting new people is the same way. I like to, I want to, but I am such a complete and total wuss (I think my hearing problem plays a big part here) that it is very hard. You have NO idea how difficult it was for me to just simply show up at Knit Night at the local Borders back in January for the first time.

You may be wondering what my point is.

Last night after being rescued by my husband (turning off your car and watching MASSIVE amounts of steam roll out from under the hood is NEVER a good thing - and I like my car, don't want another one in spite of occasionally drooling over a Mini Cooper or a Z3), we headed to the new Staples to get more ribbon for his label maker.

I saw someone during my wanderings in the store that I swore was Kathleen, so I admit to kind of stalking her around the store while trying to decide if it was her or not. Telling myself (I have lots of conversations in my head - don't you?)

"No it cannot be her."

"She doesn't live in Santa Rosa."

"Why would she come to the Staples when I think the Office Depot is much closer?"

"No it cannot be her."

"Stop talking to yourself."

"Ooh, I wonder how much the 4.0GB Sandisk thumb drives are here?"

"Where the heck are the label ribbons?"

"Where the heck is my husband?"

Hubby and I ended up in the checkout line behind her and her two darling daughters. That would be the point at which I KNEW it was her (recognized her youngest from the blog) but I still didn't say anything.

So Kathleen, you weren't being stalked at Staples last night by a total weirdo in a Grumpy t-shirt. Just a minimal weirdo that was too much of a dork to say anything.

One of these Saturdays I'll make it up to the Saturday morning knitting group at A Good Yarn in Windsor and actually get to meet you and Rosemary (Taunya cannot have all the fun) and I might even say something then. :-)

My evening of dorkiness was rounded out by finally trimming the front roses (our house is actually starting to look habitable) and then dragging Oscar the dog around the neighborhood behind my bike. I then proceeded to tear the house, RV and all vehicles apart looking for a little slip of paper hubby had some notes on that he needed. I haven't found it yet, but I will, since it will bug me until I do.

No one has yet to guess what yesterday's picture was going to be. I guess I either need more people reading my blog, or I need to make more of them and see if someone gets it then.


Romi said...

Okay Missy. That's it! No more excuses! Get your bee-hind down to the yarn store on Saturday, or do I have to come drag you there? ;)

Tiny Tyrant said...

Yes please Miss Rosemary.

Until rainy season starts I have a snowball's chance in my new attic of getting down there on a Saturday.

Sigh. I'm trying.