Monday, November 5, 2007

About to cave

I am totally going to have to order a new charger for my camera. This is the ONLY way I'm going to find the one I already have.

Either that or I truly need to swipe Hubby's SLR, which he technically bought for me, but he uses it for the business, so it gets to stay with him most of time. Hmm - same thing is going on with my Tablet PC. Anyone else see a pattern here?

You can tell that the seasons are changing when hubby is open to purchasing new video games. Hubby had a gaming weekend with a couple of our friends since I opted to bail on the house for most of Saturday.

My morning started with my alarm clock (I know on a Saturday!), because I had to start the Pulled Pork BBQ in the slow cooker. Then I crawled back in bed for another hour and half. At which point I knew I was going to be late for Knit Group. But I managed to get there in time to get a real seat. I had fun as always. I actually managed to progress Tuscany to the start of the section with 5 repeats of the chart. Yes I put a life line this time.

Then around the corner to my eye doctor to fix my glasses, which are 9 years old, but now have new lenses. They looked like I sat on them or something, but his guy Steve fixed them right up for me.

Then on the way back to the house and calling hubby to see if he wanted me to go pick up the new game I know he wants. Turns out he was in line at the game store with that game and MANY others in his hot little hands.

By the time I get back to the house, he's already installing and getting tables set up for group gaming.

Back to the kitchen to check the pulled pork. Good thing I like how that stuff smells since aroma filled the house. Shredded the pork and put some aside for hubby and friends for dinner, then started collecting all my cold weather observatory gear.

Actually had car loaded with the food, crockpot, and clothing by 3:15. Woo hoo! I was gonna be on time for a change. This of course after verifying that the gaming crew had an alarm set so they'd remember to feed the animals and themselves.

It was the last docent's meeting of the year. I raffled off a pair of the fingerless gloves I've made and the pulled pork went off without a hitch and everyone loved it. Woot!

Then came the battle for supremacy over the CCD scope. It totally kicked my behind! I fought with it for 2 hours before I was screaming for my fellow docent and CCD expert, David, across the parking lot. Imagine NOT being able to find Andromeda for crying out loud.

David and I fought the good fight and got the thing working (stupid time change and hard coded software and completely counterintuitive solution - set system clock back TWO hours). Then the score of the evening....

We found the Comet. Better yet I actually managed to image it. Now to get the picture from David so I can post it.

Sunday was errands, laundry and playing with new electric blankets. Mmmmm.... warm beds.... good.....

Even better, the new one is machine washable. No more of this dry cleaning crap where they keep it for a week.

Oh, I also watched 'The Prestige' last night. Good movie. Saw some of it coming, did NOT see the final plot twist coming. Rent it. If nothing else you get to see Hugh Jackman with his shirt off. ::vbg::

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