Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving, knitting and CIV oh my!

Last week was completely uneventful except for Monday in which I dragged my carcass into work at 5 am and stayed on the phone from 5:30 am to 3:30 pm, which led to me losing my voice and staying home sick Tuesday.

Wednesday was a partial day at work, though I ended up staying till 3:30 to try to tie up some loose ends from the marathon phone call Monday. I ran home and grabbed a check for a friend (we scored 8 tickets to the Blue Man Group in Sacramento in January - woo hoo! 4 rows back) and joined the lunatics at Who
le Foods to pick up my holiday ham.

Went back home and worked on this:

It's the Multi-directional Scarf I'm working on Noro Silk Garden for a friend of mine as a thank you for all his help on Operation Shop. We would not have finished it when we did without his help and the help of his girlfriend, who I taught to knit as a her thank you. ::vbg::

Things got really fun when it came time to switch to the next skein of yarn.

As we all kno
w, the folks as Noro LOVE long color changes. This can make for A LOT of wasted yarn. At that price no can do bucko. So how to wind the skeins so that there is some flow to the order of the colors?

I think I figured it out and only have to drop about 12" or so of yarn with each skein addition. Here is skein two well on it's way to becoming part of the scarf.

It's going to end up being kind of a reflection of the last skein. Either way, I hope he likes it. He's owned one scarf in his life and it wasn't a great experience.

Thursday I spent the day cooking and cleaning. Or at least cleaning upper surfaces in the house in prep for the great fall floor cleaning event (which I managed to put off till Saturday :-) )

Ham was prepped with pineapple and glaze (first part of a pineapple upside down cake works really well for this). I pin the pineapple pieces to the ham with toothpicks. Cover the whole thing and stuff it in the oven till the thermometer tells me it's done. Helps to actually use the thermometer periodically during the cooking.

About an hour before I expected it to be done, the therm was saying 'Yo Lady! This is finishing faster than you thought!'. So I cut up the potatoes and start those boiling for mashed spuds. Started the cranberry sauce (that didn't turn out so well) and the stuffing. I'm a Stove Top girl. Yum.

Put out the good china and dished everything up and told hubby food was ready.

We had a real nice meal. The rest of the day was spent with me crocheting like a demon and watching hubby play CIV IV.

Friday I was silly enough to go shopping. I was looking at a USB card for hubby's new computer case. Got a new charger for my camera. Woot! Didn't find the card he wanted, but I did get a box set of E.B. White stories for $8 from Borders.

Charlotte's Web
Stuart Little
The Trumpet of the Swan (my fav)

All together. We promptly read most of them over the next two days.

Saturday was spent scrubbing the house and getting a handle on the paw prints and the laundry. Found out my steam cleaner is well and truly deceased. Sigh. Thought we were having company this day, hence the cleaning binge. Didn't happen, but my house is clean.

Sunday. Vegged vegged and more vegged. More crochet, more CIV, more laundry.

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