Saturday, April 26, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm getting ready for a business trip. I leave Monday. I'm not ready. My boss is whacked enough to send me to a client site directly.

I might still have my job when I get back home late Wednesday.

I'll be in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Wish for warm weather.


Running by.... said...

"Warm wishes" to you. I'll try to keep down the fort while you're away.


Tiny Tyrant said...

Wish harder!

It's snowing there right now. Let's hope my flight out of Detroit isn't delayed.

Chicken Mama said...

Oh brrrrrrrrr...It is hard to imagine snow right now. Get out of there safely! What project did you take with you?

Alison said...

Saw your comment on Stephanie's--you know she'll be in San Mateo on Saturday? If you're getting home Wednesday, you could go to the Maker Faire and see her.

--AlisonH at