Friday, May 2, 2008

He loves me

So I find out halfway through my business trip that the Yarn Harlot is going to be in San Mateo California this Saturday. Last minute tour addition. Thank you Jaime. I need MUCH longer to plot thank you very much.

I just spent three days out of town and know there's no way he's going to be willing to part with me for an entire day after that. So I'm silently plotting how to get him to let me go. Is it going to be warm and he'll want to take our friend Shane for a day trip on the skis, maybe a day trip off road riding (wait I can go on those now that I have my Off Road Kart - not a good plan)... You get the idea.

So I have a conversation with Taunya along the lines of (yeah I'm paraphrasing):

Me: You going to see the Yarn Harlot on Saturday in San Mateo?
She: WHAT?! She's gonna be here?
Me: :-0 You don't know she's gonna be at the Maker Faire?
She: I'm already booked up that day
Me: I'm trying to figure out how to get hubby to let me go.
She: Maybe he'll want to go too.

Well I hadn't thought of that. So I hit the Maker Faire website to see what other kind of stuff there was to do (all I care about is the Yarn Harlot. Hey I'm a focused knitter let me tell you). So the IM conversation with Hubby went:

Me: hi baby.
Hubby: Hi baby
Me: Think you might want to go to this with me. (Yes I have an ulterior motive).
Hubby: And your motive is?
Me: Well my favorite knitter of all time is going to be there on Saturday to do her talk and signing her new book.
Me: Looks like there's a whole bunch of DIY stuff to check out.
Hubby: Indeed
Hubby: Looks like fun
Me: wanna go?
Hubby: And meet the knit goddess?
Hubby: Whasername?
Me: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Hubby: Right
Hubby: And meet Stephanie? Oh gosh, how do I say no?
Me: sigh.
Hubby: Hehe
Hubby: When is day under the oaks?
Me: Sunday
Me: The Knitting Goddess is going to be at the Faire Saturday
Hubby: Busy weekend
Me: yeah

So at this point I'm thinking the answer is going to be no. That was driven home by asking him before we went to bed last night whether or not we were going to go on Saturday and he asked if we could discuss it tonight (Friday that is). Sigh. That usually means we have property plans. And technically we still have a room to get ready for a munchkin when they get around to giving us one and this would totally be slacking. Why did I have to grow up into such a responsible person with a conscience?

This morning I'm at work in the middle of a horrible call with a client ( the client is nice I just couldn't figure out their problem and that drives me even more nuts than my husband ).

I pop back to my desk to check something for the call and hubby's IMing me:

Hubby: Ok
Hubby: I sent you a file

I get the file and guess what it is?

RV reservations for tonight and tomorrow night at the San Mateo Fairgrounds! We are going to spend tonight and all day tomorrow and tomorrow at the Maker Faire!

We are driving down after I get home from work. The doggies get to hang out in the Rig (they aren't allowed on the fairgrounds proper).

If you're gonna be there, look for the Rig outside of Gate E titled 'The Dream Machine' and knock on the door. One of us might be there, if nothing else the dogs will bark at you.

I'm so excited. I get to show Stephanie my first sock, which I did out of her Knitting Rules! book. And hubby gets to meet her too.

He loves me.


Toni said...

Have fun! I'll look for your picture to "embiggen" next week on her blog.

Alison said...

Yes, he does! Hug him a good one for me!

Jamie/Moira said...

OK this really hurts.
I cannot go!
I was only slightly enthused about the SCA plans for this weekend.
Now I am not at all and I have commitments.

Have Yarn Harlot fun me too willya?

no-blog-rachel said...

You have a good hubby.

I'm dying to go! I can't see how it can happen. But, maybe something will happen to allow me to get there.

Kathleen said...

You will have fun! Met her last year in Petaluma.