Friday, May 23, 2008

What a way to go!

How to know that I am truly insane?

I got signed up for Sockwars in spite of only having finished one real sock to date (booties don't count).

I figured what the hay? I have Tofutsies in my stash and this will be a chance to use some of it. But I am SO dying in the first week.

Sure enough:

This showed up on my doorstep Wednesday May 14th.

That's a pair of Detonator Socks in KnitPicks Memories in the Mountain Dusk colorway. I think it's mostly purple. Other people see it and say they are blue. It doesn't really matter since they are all mine
. ::big grin::

Now I started the war with a handicap. My dossier was one of several that went missing the first day. Being OCD, I couldn't bring myself to start in spite of having the pattern till I knew if my target was a guy or a girl. Sorry, sometimes I can bust away from it, other times not to successful.

So Saturday morning cast on and knocked out for the count by my husband's cold. Then totally sucking with the increases, I'd blame brain fog, but truly I'm not that great of a knitter, yet. I frogged the first set of pattern
s repeats about 5 times till I picked an increase that I could do and didn't totally suck (boy was I wrong) but I made progress.

Then Sunday I managed to injure myself royally with the quad incidence (it's healed nicely thank you). Scars yes, do I care? Nope. They remind me of my stupidity.

Then Monday I got the email. Your socks are on the way! YELP! I've only got 5 pattern repeats done in the leg for the first sock. Knit, knit, knit, knit, knit. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Stupid Jenn, stupid Jenn, stupid Jenn, stupid Jenn, stupid Jenn.

I managed to get to the heel flap due to us taking a road trip to take Dinke (the turtle) to her new home. BTW She's doing great and she's about to have some male playmates! I actually miss her, but it sounds like she's in a much better place.

So this is what I sent my assassin.

The started sock (without the needles thank you very much), all the yarn (Tofutsies in Three Feet Short), B&B Works Shea it isn't so Foot lotion (this is a SOCK war after all) and the softest fake sheep on the planet.

She liked the swag even if I'm sure she cussed the sock the entire time she spent finishing them.

Then the day after I mailed them, I finished the second sock of the first pair I ever made.

Woo hoo. Then I also signed up for Summer of Socks 2008 so I can get rid of some of the sock yarn in my stash. I cannot wait for it to start.

And yeah, I'm gonna try that Detonator pattern again now that I know how to do the increase.

PS Yeah I'll be there for Sock Wars IV. I'm going to try to take the starting Friday off and hit a B&B on the coast and knitting all freaking weekend. Hubby can hold down the fort for three days.


Cookie said...

Aren't they purple and blue? I can't remember, but I know I have four skeins of that yarn in my freezer stash.

I'm so glad you joined Summer of Socks. We don't kill people and there's no pressure, so it should be easier than the Socks Wars. ;^)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Wow! That's probably why I'm a bit intimidated to do Sock Wars! But the socks you received sure are pretty!!

Yay for summer of socks! I signed up too :)

Alison said...

Cool, cool socks!