Monday, May 19, 2008

The Center of the Universe

at least his anyway.

Meet Oscar the Dog.

Oscar came to us a broken, overweight, very scared dog. I chose the one dog that couldn't be more unsuited to our house:
  • Terrified of everything
  • Scared of men
  • Gets car sick
  • Runs from loud noises
This into a family that
  • Has a male (hi honey)
  • Goes on road trips regularly (do NOT feed the dogs before a car trip)
  • has Jet skis, quads and motorcycles
He was terrified of men. Ken couldn't walk into a room without Oscar hitting the floor to try to become invisible.

Oscar didn't eat the first three days we had him because he was used to table scraps (poor guy didn't know what he was getting into when he hopped in the truck for the ride home that day). He stuck to me like glue from day one. If I left a room, he went with me. If I was in the kitchen and told him 'Out' he would go lay down then come back in about 5 minutes and check to make sure I was still there.

The first three months were hard on Ken, because it sure seemed Oscar wouldn't even give him a chance. I admit it, we almost took him back. Ken's not a bad person and loves animals and it's hard to have an animal in the house so obviously terrified of you. But then I had to go out of town for a long weekend and Oscar finally realized that Ken wasn't going to eat him. At least not that day.

Four years later, he does much better with Ken now, in fact better than when I'm home.

When I am home, he would still rather be by my side. If Ken ever needs to find me in the house, he simply needs to following the whining and he'll find Oscar parked outside of whichever room I'm in. He will lay next to me and lick the air. Yes the air. Oh and he eats holes in my quilts. Not Ken's, mine. ::sigh::

Oscar plays now. He loves to just lay outside and if he's the only dog outside he'll stay in the yard. He's down about 7 pounds and gets regular haircuts (mostly) and just looks so much better.
He doesn't run away from guests, male or female. He's just a much happier, healthier dog.

Some days he is still convinced he is going to get eaten. If I send Cliff or Scrat to 'Bed' for doing something wrong, Oscar still beats them to the room, simply because I used 'that' tone. But he knows he is loved and that we won't hurt him.

He is 10 years old today (our best guess).

He is my responsibility, my shadow, my satellite.

I am his guardian, his light, his universe.

You've come a long way Oscar baby. I'm glad I didn't choose the puppy. Even when you're sitting outside the bathroom door whining to be let in. ::wink::

And if I ever get my hands on the person that hurt you, I'll do to them, what they did to you.


Jamie/Moira said...

Game night is mostly board games such as Wing of War, Settlers of Cattan and other strategy games.

The card games are guillotine and other similar games.

DK said...

What a cutie. Give him (and the others) a smooch on the snout from me.

Gotta love a rescue dog.