Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 hours and what do you get?

That's 15 hours on the phone with a client Sunday. 7 hours on the phone with the same client Monday.

2 daily scheduled phone calls with the same client for the next two weeks, not including impromptu dial in NOW messages. And I'm on call for after hours stuff and they have my direct line. Help.

All that equates to a Tired Tiny Tyrant.

I'm hard of hearing. I hate the phone. It's a HUGE effort for me to do one short phone call let alone that kind of marathon. I'm waiting to get sick. I always do after something like that.

But on the plus side I am getting off my keester and I signed up for and am actually GOING to kickboxing classes. They haven't killed me yet, so I guess they are making me stronger.

There has been minimal, like 30 stitches, knitting the past week, but there has been knitting.


Fear and Parenting said...

Wow! I hope you have an earpiece or bluetooth unit. I get a neckache after 20 minutes!

Tiny Tyrant said...

Amplified headset.

no-blog-rachel said...

Ouch. My hearing is just fine and I still find time on the phone exhausting. I feel for you!

Cookie said...

We hate those people. That much time on the phone has to qualify as torture.

Yay for kickboxing!


DK said...

Wait, was she suicidal? Because I can't imagine any other reason to be on the phone with anyone that long....

Tiny Tyrant said...

No Kate, but I was ready to kill by the end of the day.

Tech support. Upgrade. Targeted Support Person = me. They = stupid and deaf and stubborn.

If you are running an unsupported version of the database with our software, don't b* to me about performance problems, just because you don't want your upper management to find out you've been ignoring us for over two months.