Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scrat Monster is sick again

Hubby took him to the vet this morning around 10:30 with the same symptoms as last time.

Looks like the rock is in his stomach right now and they are leaning towards cutting him open to get it out rather then try to pump it out.

Please send good thoughts.


Make that multiple rocks. One in his stomach they are going to try to get out with a scope. Multiples in both large and small intestines.

We are waiting. And I'm scared.

***Update 10:30 PM ***

Scrat Monster is home. They got the rock in his stomach out with a scope. 4 passed the disgusting way. They think one is still in him but they don't think it is big enough to get stuck.

I now have an $800 rock and $1200 rock. Scrat has to be part cat, because he's just used up a second life. He's moping right now because I'm making him get used to his soft muzzle. It will be worn by him whenever he is outside off lead.

Harsh, but necessary and recommended by the vet.


Cookie said...

Will do.

I'm so sorry he's suffering again.


Toni said...

I'm hoping for the best for all of you. Poor guy.

no-blog-rachel said...

Poor Scrat! Poor you guys. I'm glad he's home again.

Taunya said...

So...Are those rocks small enough to make stitch markers with?


DK said...

Bad Scrat! Stop that! Stop that right now!!

Poor baby....also poor you....

Chicken Mama said...

We have a $1600 rock and a $500 walnut...and lots of other vet bills for his fussy tummy. So sorry to hear.