Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Maybe not so much, but boy can I hear you.

I am in love with my new hearing aid.

I remembered to grab my camera this morning. Not so much the battery I charged last night. Doh!

But the Streamer works. I can hear phone calls DIRECTLY IN MY HEARING AID. The mic on the streamer is not so great, or my neck isn't thick enough to keep the Streamer in my 'Body Area Network', but I can hold it closer to my mouth and hubby can hear me.

Will have to see if the skin that came with it might be interfering with the microphone a little bit.

When a call comes in on my cell it sounds like a phone ringing right in my ear. It is just so cool. And if my phone is set to silent I still get the cute little phone sound in my hearing aid.

Now let's ignore the fact that I am currently running about with over $5000 worth of electronics hanging from my ears. Yeah they are insured. (the aids and me - hehe)

Yup the Synchro is in the right ear till after the first of year when I can order a matching (though it will be red) Epoq XW for the right ear and my health insurance will pay for $2500 of the cost. Surround sound here I come!

Now we get to go to a movie and see how I do and maybe a show of some sort. Lots of playing to do with the new aid.

Granted with all the new sounds (my keyboard is stupid loud) I'll have a headache by the end of the day, but it will be worth it and I'll get used to it.

Gotta go find someone else to call.


myboringblog said...

Yay for new hearing aid! And thank goodness for insurance just in case. Enjoy your movie. :-)

Kandi said...

Very Cool. I am glad they are working the way they should.
Good think for insurance even if The Mutt doesn't eat them any more. ;)

DO you think your page is pink enough??? hehehe

Tiny Tyrant said...

No such thing as pink enough, especially not hot pink.

AlisonH said...

Mine were $6400. And they don't do that cool stuff (as far as I know). You win!

DK said...

How cool!!