Tuesday, December 9, 2008


or rather how to suck the joy out of Christmas with one easy phrase.

An email went out at work this morning asking if anyone wanted to contribute towards the purchase of a Christmas tree.

I assumed they meant fake.

Then I went to get some tea - I'm sick (and yes going home but had a meeting I couldn't move) - and saw the tree stand.

So I asked if they intended to get a real tree, to which they said yes and I said sh*t.

Christmas tree = major allergies in Jenn = Jenn about to do IVF and not able to take drugs outside of protocol especially antihistamines = no real Christmas Tree in office.

Granted with my allergies that I could argue for never having a real one in the office, at least not within 15' of where I have to travel within in the building (if I can smell it I'm pretty much screwed), I happen to like breathing. Problem is I love Christmas and I just managed to make it way less pleasurable for the rest of my coworkers.

Cannot wait to go home today and go back to bed.

BTW - tomorrow is teach me how to become a pincushion day in prep for IVF. Fun times. Let me tell you.


AlisonH said...

Oh. Ow. I'm sorry.

My husband finally talked me into a fake tree last year, and I could not believe how much healthier I felt the whole season than my usual. On the other hand, the darn thing's fake. You so much have my sympathies--and good luck with the IVF!

Toni said...

My sister has pine allergy so I don't think too much about fake trees. Good luck with the IVF.

myboringblog said...

As someone who is also allergic to real christmas trees, I feel for you. Maybe you can suggest that it's more economical to get a fake tree that won't need to be replaced each year.