Monday, April 13, 2009

Normal is as Normal does

Alison's comment on the last post made a valid point. What exactly constitutes normal at my house these days?

We spent four years trying to have kids and our life was somewhat tied up in that. But that's done.

We have/had the little demon dog from h* (Scrat the Brat), but he's actually turning into a really good little dog so things are easier with him.

We have been licensed foster parents for almost a year with no placements, but that could change.

We spent the last year playing Travian on server6, but that server is over for round one and hubby will find himself wifeless if he starts up with another server.

The past two weeks have been spent dealing with the disappointment of the failed IVF (I'm kind of doing better), the physical pain that is still a part of that (seems we hit a nerve on each side with the last two progesterone shots), hubby's 40th birthday BBQ was a success and...

We got approved for the Foster folk's Emergency Services Program. We went active this morning. We are taking ages 4 to 6. We could get a call any minute, hour, day now, but I'll believe it when it happens.

That said we spent the weekend finally finishing the paint job in the only other bedroom that still had spackle spots on the wall:

That is B3. This will probably be the kid's room for now. The other room (blue and green) ended up being what we call the Pennsylvania Room. It holds the antiques and art from his mom's house. She would have loved visiting that room.

Since B3 was the "Game Room" you can see one the shelves that hold some toys (the Starter Logs box is lego's people). There is a matching one to the left of the window that holds all the board games.

There is a big open area in the middle as a play area, and I'll get the bench cleaned out so it can be used as a toy box.

The sailboats where chosen to cover the previous border that the previous owner stopped three feet short on and it was hubby's game room. So a boy would fit better in the room, but I hope we have the option of getting a little girl too. And given how fast that border went up, hubby and I are placing bets on how soon it falls down.

Let me know what you think while Slugbo and I figure out what normal is going forward.


BJ Blinston said...

As someone who has been through this process I feel for you. We went through IVF and failed as well after about 8 weeks of pregnancy. It will take time to get back to "normal" although I don't think normal is anything more than being happy. I hope you have success soon with either fostering or adopting. We have been lucky to get 5 children through adoption and know that it is an excruciating and painful but rewarding process.

Cookie said...

I think we can adjust to just about anything and make it our "normal". That's one of the amazing things about humans. We can adjust.


Jennifer said...

Adjusting or getting back to what we can call normal is a hard road. I know you guys are hurting and I wish I could give you a real hug. We are praying for you and Slugbo.

Toni said...

With kids involved (hopefully soon!), there is no 'normal'. It's constant change and adaptation and so the last few years have been training for you. Best wishes and my prayers are with you.

Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

It looks great! Any kid would love to have a place that nice.

perpstu said...

I think you are doing amazingly well. I have watched you ride this wave for months and can't believe how strong you are. I feel very lucky to count you as a friend.

The room is beautiful, you guys did an excellent job and as the parent of a child who falls into your age category, sailboats are appropriate for either sex. Whether you end up with a boy or a girl first, that child is going to be one of the luckiest kids ever.


AlisonH said...

That is going to be a well-loved child(ren). And the world will be a better place for that.

Devyl Gyrl said...

The room looks fabulous - thanks for sharing pictures!!