Monday, July 13, 2009

Knitters Do

We were watching 'De-Lovely' last night and there is a scene where Cole and Mr Murphy are on horseback and talking about Murphy's son's TB prognosis and how their wives are there to help them through the tough times.

Mr Murphy said at the end of it, "who catches them when they fall? " meaning the wives.

My answer for me is that Knitters Do.

I went to my Saturday knit group for the first time in about 6 weeks this past weekend. They've been following on my blog and my FB account everything Slugbo and I have been going through with the adoption stuff and Little N. They've seen the mood swings caused by the IVF drugs and the heartbreak when neither of them worked.

They know how hard it is for us to be going through this.

So I got to knit group Saturday and when I walked in some of the ladies were off to the side working on the crocheted border of a blanket. I said it looked nice without really looking at it (though I did wonder but not out loud if they needed help with the crochet) and started talking to Ba, thinking the blanket was for Angelita's new grandson, since her daughter is also part of our knit group.

A little while later I'm fighting with my lace and Carol has to leave and is saying goodbye to everyone and the next thing I know the blanket gets plopped down in my lap with them saying it's for me. Of course I promptly burst into tears.

Lynne, Anne, Sheri, Carol, Jan, Lois, Mary Sue, Liz, Angelita, Rosemary, Bridget, Kristen, Ba, June, and Taunya all contributed a square or two.

Ba, Carol, Jan, Angelita, Anne, Laura, Lynne, Sheri and Rachel all contributed to the putting together and the border.

Now most of these ladies I know. A couple I might be able to pick out in the group by process of elimination and there are at least 2 I haven't officially met. Quite a few of these ladies are super busy in their home and professional life. The fact that any of them took time out of their regularly scheduled knitting to make something like this for me, let's me know that even if I'm not a regular at the group, they have my back. They are my support group no matter how long it's been since the last visit.

Thanks so much my Knotty Knitters.

It's beautiful and I'll treasure it always.


Hattie said...

That is so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've missed you.

Yes, we soooo have your back!!

I'm sooo happy you like your "Knit and The Child/Children Will Come" Cuddle Blankie.

Because you are Teh Awsome, too....



CinnabarsKnitter said...

That's an incredible blanket! What a lovely thing for your knit group to do.

AlisonH said...

Oh, that's wonderful! I am SO glad for you! And wishing I'd known and could have been in on it.

Romi said...