Tuesday, November 17, 2009


are not going well in Foster Parent land.

Still no new placement. Yes we know why. No I cannot elaborate. We are dealing with the circumstances as best we can.

Those of you in the know should know that we have our ducks in a row for whatever may come down the pipe, but in the end it could still mean no children at all. Ever.

It's a very hard prospect to face. But we will face it together.

Just let me point out that I am sick of whatever it is that has decided we don't deserve children. Don't tell me it will happen if it's meant to be. How the hell can someone justify guaranteeing two people that would make great parents not getting the opportunity. That kind of meant to be can just stuff it.

It's flat out not fair.


Jennifer said...

I totally agree!

Chicken Mama said...

Sending you and Ken lots of love!

Karin in AL said...