Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a Treasure Hunt

for photos that is.

Erin is having a Photo Treasure Hunt in honor of her 30th birthday which is tomorrow (or today depending on when this actually posts).

It seems fitting tha
t I finished getting all my pictures the night Hubby and I went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It was a very good movie. Go see it if you haven't.

Here goes nothing:

1. Funny Bumper sticker.

This one is kind of a cheat since it's on my car. Let me tell you though I don't put just anything on my car. There are purple sea turtles and this sticker for the Observatory where I'm a docent. Oh and dirt, lots and lots of dirt.

Wouldn't you agree with the sticker statement if you got to stay up late and play with telescopes for free?

2. Me with someone in uniform.

This is my husband's friend, Shane. He used to work for United ( that would have been a better uniform ), but now he works for the state building downtown. This is the shirt he's required to wear to work with navy blue pants.

I'm wearing th
at shirt because I love novelty T's and that one is my fav.

3. Unusual Perspective:

This is hubby honey and Shane. This is an unusual perspective for me, since I don't don't usually take pictures of the side of people's faces.

We went to see the Blue Man Group last Friday at the Arco Arena in Sacramento. Oh my gosh that was a GREAT show. If they are coming to your town, GO GO GO. Funny, CLEA
N humor, great music, all around good time.

How's this for a road trip? Seven people piled in the RV with the Rock Band game going on the TV and PS2 all the way up there. Not only can I play drums (at least these) but I can navigate at the same time.

4. Movie Poster.

I cannot wait for this movie to come out. I snapped it tonight on my way into National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I happen to like Harrison Ford as kind of an action figure, because he seems so down to earth.

And also because I was desperate. I didn't have the movie poster photo yet. Hubby was told in no uncertain terms we were seeing that movie tonight because I needed my photo.

Priorities you know.

5. Neon Lights.

This is one of the lights in the window of the May Garden, a local Chinese Restaurant. I go in and place my to go order, then I have a seat and knit on whatever happens to be in my purse. I've done this for a couple of years now.

This past week was the f
irst time the lady at the register actually TOOK my knitting from me and worked a couple of stitches to show me how she knits. I'm a continental girl, she throws and MAN is she quick.

6. Directional sign.

Try taking a picture of the ONLY directional sign within walking dis
tance of your house the night the treasure hunt photos are due, in the dark with the sign being one of the green and white HIGHLY reflective ones. The flash totally washes out the actual pic. But I tried.

There's an arrow in there on the left I swear. It shows me the way to go home.

7. Salt and Pepper Shakers.

My husband is the only child of two only children and both set of grandparents are gone. We
have a lot of glasswear and table settings from his paternal grandparents and this is a set we have in the china cabinet.

It's never been used by us, and apparently I didn't clean it before putting it in the cabinet. Sigh. I really need to be better about stuff like that.

8. Something that appears out of place

This one was the most fun. Last weekend, um weekend before last actually, hubby and I were prepping the attic space in the garage for the heat pump/furnace unit thing that was going in last week. Well being tiny and short and light (for the most part) I'm 'Attic Girl' and up I go.

Things needed to be rearranged in order to put the plywood base down and I had just finished moving 3 VERY HEAVY RV tire rims ( these thing fall and you dent the concrete and I fall with them ), as well as portion of the MAIN cross piece 2x4s that kept the trusses from moving around.

Needless to say I forgot about the trusses being able to move and I scared the tar out of myself and laid down until I stopped shaking. At that point I realized that from the ground you couldn't see the rest of me. So I hollered for hubby to grab the camera and take the picture. I, of course, then had to explain about the treasure hunt and he took it while muttering about police showing up looking for the body in the attic.

Happy Birthday Erin. Hope you have a great one. I loved my 30th b-day, not so much the 31st. ;-) I got my first tattoo (only two) for my 30th.

Even if I don't win anything I cannot WAIT for the next one.


erin/pinkerbell said...

Thank you!! I love the pictures, your salt and pepper shakers would go with some "new" services pieces we just found in our house. I have that same little tray, but my shakers are taller.

Jamie/Moira said...

Based on your response on my blog.
We can meet at a local coffee shop or even the bookstore.
I live right in Downtown Santa Rosa.
I am available most evenings.

Chicken Mama said...

I can't believe what you have to go through in order to qualify as a foster parent. There is a special place in heaven for you.

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