Monday, January 21, 2008

I can finish stuff

Really truly I can. Given infinity anybody can finish something. ;-)

I finished this:

This would be a two color hat done up in Malabrigo Worsted in Cadmium and Green Apple.

I actually did a swatch of the
green and then cast on appropriately and it made a really nice roll brim hat. Then I saw someone do a two color hat per EZ on their blog and thought

'I have something that TOTALLY clashes with that green in same yarn'

I like what I'm calling the 10-point decrease, because well I'm OCD and I like even numbers better than odd though I consider 7 and 13 my lucky numbers. Go figure. I'm weird. Enough said.

So I have a lovely reversible WARM hat that clashes with everything I own. However, you sure won't lose sight of that hat in a snow storm let me tell you. I'm thinking of felting it a little bit, but I'm absolutely terrified lest I ruin it. It is a little big. Let's just say I cast on a few extra, that whole even number thing again.

I have been working on the mate for the sock seen in this post. I have frakked up the heel flap twice. Apparently I forget how to read.

In other news, I got this as part of my yarn swap with Kate:

We are apparently kindred spirits and I tangled the tar out of this trying to wind this double stranded. Why would I do something as weird as that?
  • I don't know how much yarn is in the skein (we lost the ball band)
  • I want to make toe up socks and I don't know how much yarn is in the skein
  • I do not own a yarn scale and cannot come up with an excellent argument for acquiring one
and no I have no idea why my stapler, which I've been looking for for the past two weeks, is in my craft room.

So I now have a two stranded yarn cake with which to attempt my first ever toe up socks for me. Can you say

'Two socks on two circular needles?'

Can you also say

'Recipe for hopeless entanglement?'

This should be fun. I cannot wait to see how many times I accidentally knit them together by using the wrong strand on the wrong sock.


DK said...

I think there's like 400 yards or so. So you should have a nice pair of toe-up socks, less the ardage you have to cut out because it got too knotted up...

I just laughed so hard when I read that, the dog came to check on me, btw. Absolute karmic proof that you were meant to have my yarn and I yours. Which I so love that yarn, btw.

Romi said...

I love that hat! :)