Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When the cat's away...

...the dogs are grateful. Hehe

It appears that my colleagues have lots of time, ink and post-it notes on their hands. Or rather in this case, my desk:

Back story: I'm the OCD freak of the office (or at least the only one that admits it). All my co-workers are aware of this and go through extreme efforts to drive me nuts on a regular basis. Granted, that is generally a short trip, but there are SO many different drivers. :::vbg::

We have had a lot of personnel turn over lately, no major reason, just people coming and going. I made myself responsible for the mailbox labels (it is MY label maker after all). We just had a rush of newbies come in, so it was time to rearrange the mailb
oxes again and print up new labels.

Now vacations are ripe times for practical jokes, read that as rigging cubes while the occupant is otherwise occupied. Therefore, they all opted to label almost all of the items in my o
ffice. I have to admit I was laughing and they will all stay up till they get in my way, or I go on a cleaning binge (thankfully those don't happen often and can be stopped with a dose of chocolate). I'm doubly thankful of the unspoken "don't go in other people's file drawers" rule, else I'd probably need a couple of new label cartridges.

More on the vacation specifics later (I have to pull all the pics I want to
post from the laptop). But I do have this!

This is my first sock ever! Using the Yarn Harlot's Basic Recipe from Knitting Rules! I am doing short cuffs - I don't like long socks. I worked on it during the trip.

Ms. Susan, the wonderfully whacky owner of A Knitting Beehive in Grants Pass, Oregon, was kind enough to show me how to pick up my stitches, even though I wasn't that far yet when I managed to stop by. So I
have a K2 P2 rib (about 11 rows), with about 4 rows of straight stockinette, then on to the heel flap and beyond. It looks like a sock and there are NO holes where I did the pickups.

While carrying this thing around in my purse, I found out just how much I hate dropped stitches, and I was dropping them regularly, because the needles would shift inside my purse. On the heel (hehe first typed that he77 and it was ripped at least three time so it's apropos) flap with the S1, K1, that can be a nightmare, let me tell you.

So dig out the Dewalt container of the knitting notions and low and behold, those cute little plastic spring things from Clover (I think). I can push all 5 needles together (three are too loose - but of course the sock is only on three at a time with one working needle) and VOILA! no more dropped stitches! Woo hoo!

It's good to be home.


Romi said...

Welcome back! :)

Kathleen said...

Glad your back. Hope to be at a Good Yarn soon. Weekend have been quite busy for me and the family.