Monday, July 2, 2007

In the dark

There are things that should be done in the dark...

Watching movies
Star Gazing

There are things that should NOT be done in the dark...

Knitting - unless you really are JUST THAT GOOD. I'm not
Crocheting - or more specifically starting a new project if you only know how to start with a chain
Bathing a Cat - you want to see all those pointy ends coming at you

We had a great weekend on the water. A bunch of friends came up yesterday and I managed to haul my behind out of the water onto a water ski (yep just one) for the first time in about 3 years. It was a blast.

Then reality hits and you know you have to go to work the next day while hubby honey and the doggies get to stay and play. (Granted hh is dealing with any client fires he can via remote access, but still, he's there and I am here).

So I rode home with one of our friends who must also toil with the rest of us this week, with the request to keep him awake. Yeah - that's confidence inspiring especially on the day you know your life insurance value increases by about $45000. Hmmmm....

So I grab almost all my yarn stuff for the ride home, in the dark, while making sure the driver stays awake. There is only so many times you can sing Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts! at the top of your lungs before you figure he'll leave you at the side of the road. But it sure is fun to try. We agreed that I'd stop singing and he'd put in hubby's Paul Simon CD. About the time he started smacking the windshield at random moments (apparently there was a mosquito only he could see...) you start doing something else that requires concentration, so you are not dwelling on you imminent demise.

So I grabbed my crochet. Technically it's not a new project (no yarn was purchased here darling mine ;-) ) Just one I have to keep restarting because I keep frakking it up. But there I go chaining in the dark and reading the pattern sheet by headlight.

Here's how far I got:

I have no idea if the first row is right, but it will be covered by the second half of the scarf.

Here is the pattern if you're interested.

Wide Crochet Scarf

Hopefully the intended recipient will like it and not notice that it was started in the dark.


Romi said...

I won' t tell that you crocheted it in the dark. We'll all keep the secret. She'll never know!

So, I think you should come next Saturday! Whaddaya think?! :)

And can I tell you how excited I am that you're a docent up at the observatory?! Cool! We're all looking forward to coming up to a public viewing night!

Running by.... said...

I'm NOT yet "THAT GOOD" just watching a movie at home with the lights out and trying to work a simple pattern will cause much dinking in the morning.

Enjoy your 4th and water skiiing.