Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Decisions, decisions

For you knitters out there.

If you had a chance to spend $190 on knitting books no questions asked, would you?

We have this system at work in my department where you can get reward points for not pissing off the client you are working with too badly, dealing with an ugly client issue quickly and competently etc... Needless to say, in spite of my usually less than tactful approach to many things I have $190 to spend anywhere I want.

Okay, anywhere I want that is on THE LIST and it's a stupid list. Not a knitting shop in sight. Their definition of hobbies, is apparently limited to golf and hunting and camera shops. I don't golf or hunt and our camera situation is fine. The travel section is apparently limited to cruises and anyone that's ever been on one knows that $190 doesn't even cover gratuity.

I don't eat at any of the places on the food list, and I certainly don't go to spas. The clothing stores range from Kohl's (which I love but don't need anything) to some place called Yoox.com which apparently deals in really high end clothes that a T-shirt and jeans girl like me will NEVER wear.

So Amazon.com maybe be the saving grace for this stupid list. I like the rewards program, but I wish we could just get it in the form of a VISA gift card or that places like Home Depot or Best Buy were on the list, instead of Pottery Barn (three dogs and four cats mean I shop at IKEA) or Sharper Image or Hammacher Schlemmer.

When I win the lottery and pay off all our debt, and put my husband through law school (he's not in it now but I'd love to be able to send him - he'd be great), build my own observatory and open a dog shelter on Tahiti, I'll shop at places like that. But for now I really need drywall, electrical wire, flooring and three more doors for the garage shop addition. I don't think Amazon carries those, and certainly none of the other shops on the list do.

So, I'll settle for books. Knitting books that is, with maybe a Clive Cussler or Dean Koontz novel thrown in for even more fun.

Here is what is in my wish list so far:

No Sheep for You by Amy Singer
Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry
Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman
A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen
Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby
Nancy Bush's Folk Socks and Knitting Vintage Socks
Elizabeth Zimmerman's:
Knitting Without Tears
Knitting Workshop
Knitter's Almanac

So ladies, what am I missing? I have all the Yarn Harlot's books already. Romi's isn't out yet (hurry up would you? ;-) ).

So if you had a chance to add all your favorite knitting books to your library, what would you choose?


Anne said...

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, some of these titles have shown up on Paperback Swap (not, of course, any of the sock knitting books on my own wish list, but there you are). It's a good site for people who haven't yet won the lottery .... as for my own wish list, all the EZ titles I don't yet own, the Harlot's Knitting Rules, and the Bumper Knitting collection with the house elf pattern (I'm not going near this one until the dollar is stronger against the pound).

Romi said...

I would *totally* spend $190 on knitting books! Wait. That was a rhetorical question, right? :g:

That looks like a great list. If you have any $$ left over, you might add Knitting from the Top Down by Barbara Walker or any of her stitch treasuries.

Congrats on your client pleasing ways. How cool is that?! :)