Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Raining? Why on earth is it raining?

Here anyway?

For those of you that don't know, I live in Northern California. I have done so for 11 years. (Wow - didn't realize it's been that long).

The first year I moved here, it rained for four days straight the middle of May (I got to town May 9th) then it didn't rain again until October.

This is pretty much standard operating procedure for the weather here. Which is why we THOUGHT it was safe to start Operation Garage Demo, because well rainy season is 3 MONTHS AWAY!

So I left work yesterday and the sky was looking ugly - like tornado weather in Alabama (where I moved from) ugly. Note to self - remember they don't have tornadoes here, just earthquakes. Hit the store for vacation stuff, get home and start making sure nothing that can get wet is left outside.

Ended up tarping the big gapping whole in the back of the garage. Sigh.

Absolutely no knitting news, what with getting ready for vacation and all. Oh yeah, and work. Why do I do that again?


Romi said...

Um. Yeah. Weird, isn't it?!?!?!

Knitaddicted said...

Can you pleeeeze send a little of that rain up north? It was nearly 100 in the (supposed to be) green Pacific Northwest yesterday. ICK! Spent the afternoon watching Harry Potter 5 in a lovely air conditioned theater - unfortunately, I had to go home where there is no air conditioning. We like rain, we miss rain.....we like our sunny weather in only three or four day stints. I want your RAIN!!!