Friday, August 14, 2009

Belated Birthdays

Yeah I still suck.

I spend so much of Cliff the Mutt's own birthday telling him how amazing it is that I've had him since he was 4 months old that I forget to tell of you about it.

Cliff the Mutt's birthday was this past Monday. He's 11. I was home sick so I got to spend the day with my boy.

He's a therapy dog.

He's about to become a reading program dog.

He's the best four legged thing that ever came into my life and I love him dearly.

I passed another birthday this week.

Little N turned 4 Wednesday.

We haven't heard anything from her new home. I sent a card. We got her a present, but we are trying to find out how to get it to her without annoying anybody.

We still miss her.

Life goes on.


Devyl Gyrl said...


Happy Birthday to both!

AlisonH said...

Happy birthday, and I love that you're still trying to keep her feeling loved and treasured.