Monday, August 24, 2009

Identity Crisis

The blog is going through a transition.

I have stuff I want to write about but don't know if I should.

I run the risk of hurting some people close to me if I write about everything I want.

I'm trying to decide if I care about that anymore since this is my blog and I'm done trying to please everyone all the time.

Slugbo and I are in therapy to try to get State Adoptions to change their mind about passing us off to another agency. I am in individual therapy to deal with the fact that I cannot have kids of my own, so if I seem a little grumpy, deal with it because I hate therapy.

I've started a Yoga class at the local junior college. Tried to talk Slug into a ballroom dance class to no avail. Sigh.

My skin still hates me but not as much as before. I get to see a new dermatologist next month.

We do not have a new placement yet, but we did get our capacity increased to two, so we might get a sibling set.

I'm still knitting and make it out to knit group on Saturday about once a month right now.

We are turning the front yard into a giant kiddy habittrail. I really should post pictures of that. It looks like a play structure factory exploded on my property. And tell my dad to get his butt out here to visit and help Slugbo put all this stuff together. Come on Dad, you cannot b* about gas prices this year.


Jennifer said...

This is your blog for your thoughts and in my opinion you should write anything you want. I would not worry about offending anyone here. Praying for you and sending you ((SUPER HUGS))

Toni said...

Yes, please post pictures (and Dad - sounds like they need some help!) the kiddy habittrail sounds like a lot of fun. It has to be so frustrating waiting for a placement/adoption, but I pray there's a kid somewhere being protected from a bad situation by the same rules causing you problems.

AlisonH said...

I love the kiddy habittrail description--can't wait to see it, and happy kid(s) playing in it.

The time will come.

Anonymous said...

Nice Hound photo! Reflect before you write, ponder any ramifications, +'s & -'s.
It is Your site, but the world is your audience. Ponder some more...if it's venting or 'dirty-laundry'; would you want a loon like me to read about it? Although, some might also visit b/c of the cool photos you post !! :) -Charles

Chicken Mama said...

Honey, we are here for you and Ken. Sending lots of love.


Romi said...


perpstu said...

This is YOUR blog. You should write about the things that matter to you. I don't see how you could possibly offend anyone, you are far too sweet for that. However, if someone does take offense, too bad. You are entitled to your opinion about things and should not censor it based on an "in case" situation.

Write from your heart..... *hugs*

Kandi said...

You have to do what makes you happy, and or feels right for you. If that means writting it here do so. If someone doesn't like it, they can go read somewhere else.