Monday, August 31, 2009

For the 'Love' of Yoga

and the hate of all things rubber.

I'm taking a Yoga class at the local Junior College.

It's supposed to be stress relief.

All the yoga mats I can find locally, including two I already own, are made out of rubber or some variation thereof. FYI TPE is plastic and rubber and Nike uses it in their super cute hot pink mat that I cannot use. WAH!

I don't give a flying flip if it's Natural Rubber from a tapped tree. It still has to be processed to be stabilized and it's the chemicals used in that processing that I'm allergic to.

So I'm mostly liking yoga. I'm totally hating that the only cotton yoga mats I can find online at all at least $80 and there is NO way in snow's chance at my house this past Saturday am I spending that much on a freaking mat.

This of course means I'm having a huge skin flare again. To the drawing blood point, AGAIN. Don't tell me not to scratch. If your skin felt like mine does right now, you'd be clawing it too.

So I'm probably making my own mat tonight out of flannel and a ton of cotton batting and I see a new dermatologist on Wednesday.

And yeah, I'm cutting the nails off again. The kitty cats will be most disappointed.


Toni said...

Maybe if you want some simple knitting you could knit and felt one? Except I don't know how well it would roll up --- scratch (pun intended) that idea. Sounds like your cotton batting idea is the best. Would a throw rug work? It's a real pain to have an allergy/reaction to something that's in everything! (((Hugs)))

Cookie said...

Don't make me come over there and tape socks onto your hands, missy.

Do you need/want some Joanns coupons? I think I've got two over here I won't be using.


Tiny Tyrant said...

Ah Cookie. You spoil me.

Naw I'm good though. I still have most of a bolt (yes an entire bolt) of quilt batting in my craft room closet.

My fabric stash rivals my yarn stash.

perpstu said...

If I could ever finish a project, I would gladly knit one for you! I'm jealous that you have a fabric stash, I need one too!