Friday, February 26, 2010

Missing Mecca

Mecca for most of the West Coast knitters I know is Stitches West, which is happening this weekend, and most of my favorite people will be there, just a couple of hours south of me.

I, however, consciously chose to skip it this weekend. Trust me my bank account is thanking me. But I'm not skipping it for that reason.

You see, I have more than one hobby. Or rather I have friends that do stuff other than knit and try to get me involved in their hobbies. And I have more than one hobby. ;-)

My neighbor down the street, who is turning into a best friend, is a Creative Memories Consultant. She has tried repeatedly to get me to start scrap booking. I have actually made a small one for the doggies. But that's it. She has a crop night and I get invited even though we both know I won't show up with pictures. Instead I show up with yarn.

She's know if I ever decide to start scrap booking (I think kids will be needed for that happen, my life is too incredibly boring), she'll be my go to supply person. And I'm teaching her how to knit.

So back in September, her regulars started talking about setting up a scrap booking weekend out in Bodega. 8 women, one house, a ton of photos and paper and glue and pens. I got invited along and they understand I'll be knitting this weekend.

That means that I'm heading out there after work tonight. Which means I needed to get everything ready to go this morning and get to a PT appt by 7 am.

So I grab the suitcase this morning and roll it down the hall. That sets the dogs off. They KNOW that sound and they want to know where the hell Mom is going and NOW. Barking behind closed doors ensued. I'm grabbing clothes and yarn and swifts and winders and books and school work (I have homework due next week) and food.

When I was ready to start loading the car, I let the dogs out so they could do their business while I loaded the car. I put one load in and left the back of the car open and went back for the rest.

On the way back to the car I'm calling for the dogs. Oscar comes right away, but Cliff and Scrat are ignoring me. So I'm still calling them when I get to the car. Then I see this.

Cliff and Scrat apparently decided they were going anywhere that suitcase was going. It was fun getting them out of the car and getting them into the office with the hubster.

Let's just say I was late for my PT appointment. Unfortunately Mark is used to that and he was running behind today anyway.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to this weekend even if I'm leaving the hubby and all the furbabies at home.

I'm hoping to finish the baby sweater I'm making for a friend as part of Ravelympics. I need to medal in at least one thing. The shawl I entered too will be with me as well as a couple of wips and some of these for when I need a break.

That is a minor minion that I gave to a friend as a cat toy. I'm making more for friends. They are cute and I have to do something with all that fiber fill left over from my Stay-Puft Marshmallow man Halloween customer.

PS I found the CUTEST buttons for the sweater at lunch time.

PPS A shout out to my mom. Happy Birthday! When are you guys coming to stay for a while?


karin said...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Scrap retreats are a blast, even when you're not sticking pictures to pages.


Ellie said...

very cute minion!

publicknitting said...

Love. I scrap book and knit and knitting definitely takes precedence. Before I started knitting, I was a scrapbooking fool. Now I am over a year behind. I love scrapbooking and while my life is also pretty boring, I take pictures of things anyway and later find I am so thankful I did. So, I need to get on it. Have fun!