Friday, February 12, 2010

The Sweetest Things

Just look at that picture. Is that not one of the sweetest things you've ever seen.

That is, of course, our little monster, Scrat. Granted he doesn't look like much of a monster in that picture. But looks can be deceiving.

Scrat is
  • the Rock Eater
  • the Cat Chaser
  • the Ankle Biter
  • the Riot Barker
  • the Walkabout Hound
  • the Carpet Wrecker
  • the Aggressive 'this is mine' Snapper
  • the Crate Escapist
He gave us a huge scare before Christmas.

One thing that has always been constant with Scrat, is that he is a bundle of energy. He is always ready to do something fun, or just hang out with you. His speeds are 0 and 60.

But somewhere in early December he lost speed 60 and we had a really hard time getting him past speed 0. Lethargic, seemed like he had a cold, would eat and drink, but
wasn't excited about it, or anything, like he used to be. Its like he was just aging in front of us. Please note that he's not even 4 years old.

We got through the holidays and on our camping trip, we saw little pieces of the old Scrat shining through, chasing snow balls and tennis balls in the snow, but it didn't last long and he was back to sleeping all the time and crying out in pain if you even looked like you were going to try to move him.

Enough was
enough and we hit the vet for a full blood work up and a complete check up. He'd lost 1 pound 3 oz since last May. That almost gave me heart attack because I was sure he was gaining weight. The doc put him on an anti inflammatory to help with the pain and she took blood.

The next day we found out he has low thyroid at not quite 4. must be the dachsund we think is in him. I had a hard time reconciling with the weight loss with low thryoid, but I let it go while we got meds for him and got him started on them.

It is ABSOLUTELY amazing what one little pill, half twice a day, has done for the little guy.

He plays ball again, and he learned to give it back. He comes when called (by Slugbo). He has stopped chasing the cats (thank goodness all the way around). He's happy and excited and bouncy at dinner time. I tell him to find 'Dad' and he runs full bore across the yard to the office and bounces his front feet till I open the door for him so he can run to Slugbo.

He goes for a follow up in two weeks to find out if he will have to stay on the meds forever. We are reconciled to it and totally okay with it. I finally asked about the weight loss and our vet thinks the pain caused it. I feel so bad we waited to see if 'he would snap out of it' before we took him in.

So now we can also say that Scrat is:
  • a joy
  • a shining light
  • a snuggle bunny (that first pic was taken on my lap when I was home sick)
Scrat is everything

Most importantly, he is loved.

Slug and I are glad you're doing better Little Dude. Sorry we took so long to help you get fixed.


Michelle said...

Give Scrat an ear scritch from Nimitz and me. Glad he's feeling better! He sounds like such a good boy.

karin said...

I love Scrat pictures! He is so cute. We had the same thing with Kairo, but it was low blood pressure. He gets one teeny tiny pill a day and he's back to his old puppy-like self.

I'm glad Scrat is bouncing around too!

AlisonH said...

Although, that last line did elicit a surprised guffaw... What a cutie.

Chicken Mama said...

I love Scrat! So happy to hear he is doing better!!!