Monday, September 10, 2007

In the home stretch

The walls and ceiling are finished (except for the clouds - your imagination is still required for that).

Faceplates are on the walls. Data and phone have been sent out to the new server closet, from the old server closet.

Looks like hubby is ready to start moving stuff out there.

He finished the ceiling and baseboards yesterday, as well as cleaned the floor and ran the data and phone up and through the attic and out through the well room, into conduit, up into the shop attic space and down more conduit to the new server location. From there a patch panel will route cables to assorted jacks in the two rooms.

Doesn't the paint job on the walls look nice? We did that Saturday.

I like how the baseboards separate everything, so you can admire the floor or the walls without overwhelming yourself with the color variations between the two.

Wanna know what I did yesterday?

This is what happens when Jenn decides she needs to clean out her car and all the bags she's carting around creation.

There's that iPod cable I keep misplacing. And I found three tape measures, three pairs of scissors, my number 2 bamboo DPNS and a bunch of tylenol.

Then when I got all that cleaned up I played with my beads. They are supposed to be stitch markers.

Which ones do you like best ( and yes I know the peachy one would look better with a copper crimping bead but I cannot find mine, so silver it is)?

Click on the pic to see more detail. I don't have Romi's lightbox, so bear with me. I'm NOT a photographer.

Let me know what you think. I'm new at this.

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