Monday, September 17, 2007

The Irony is NOT Lost on me

but ironing is a whole different story.

Saturday rolled around (I'll get to the rest of last week later) and thus begins Operation Move In.

The walls were ready. Office furniture, wall tiles, work surfaces, wall rails, panels, etc were inventoried.

Then comes prepping to hang everything.

See those w
ooden strips? 3/4 inch plywood cut down to 2.5" widths, by at least 8' lengths. Thank heaven for the table saw.

Each one is anchored into the wall studs where a screw for the wall rails have to go. That's 10 screws per rail for the tall ones. There is close to 300 screws
in the walls of the office now. But better screws, than drywall anchors which we all know bite big time - especially when putting stuff with lots of weight up. And work surfaces aren't light.

By the end of Sunday, Ken had his office mostly done ( we need more tile adaptors to hang the rest of the panels (I know honey - tiles - but they look like panels).

And mine was actually looking pretty good though you cannot tell due to the fact that I really cannot focus the SLR we have.

The irony here being that we went through all that trouble with the paint job, just to cover half of it up.

We got network and phone functional so hubby could start Monday in his brand new space.

At least one dog is very confused because every morning when the other two (who cannot be trusted out and about) go back in their room, he heads to Dad's office in the house. But that room is empty now. So this morning he went and stood outside our bedroom door just waiting for 'Dad' to emerge.

Unseen in my space is the floor just to the side of that separate wall (with the paper towels on it). There would be to two doggy beds all ready for the boys when they go hang out with 'Dad' at the office.

Dare I ask hubby when the gutters are going up since rainy season is just around the corner?

T and I went to the California Wool and Fiber Festival in Boonville yesterday. You'll get to
see the new additions to the stash tomorrow. Right after I figure out how to make my Flickr photos display on this stupid thing.

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Romi said...

I am so jealous! I wanna go to Booneville, but I'm always too busy! :sulk: I expect a full report. :)