Friday, September 7, 2007

Pick a stone. Any stone.

Except that one. Or the couple hundred stacked up behind it in my front walkway.

Called hubby before I left work yesterday to let him know I was getting more ceiling paint.

He was kind of down about the stone that I had okayed earlier this week. Turns out it wasn't really prepped for inside use, in that all the holes and pits and caverns hadn't been filled with a resin and then buffed to a lovely shine.

I happened to pick outside stone. Sigh.

He also wasn't happy with the way the floor was going in or the 'glue' the guy we got to do it chose. I don't blame him. It hadn't set in 24 hours, which is just insane.

So, I told hubby to swap the stone. Go back to
the original one we wanted and see if we can get it in the thickness we want - 1/2 or so, rather than the monstrous 1" thick babies. Those things are heavy.

He hits the Home Depot site and says go check this and call me when you get there. So I go to my favorite Home Depot out of the 4 that are within driving distance of my work and home. Murphy strikes again.

Out of the 4 choice
s I had, I had to pick the one that had completely gutted their flooring display for newer models that weren't set up yet.

So I head to choice number two, but not before seeing choice number one had a bunch of Travertine on clearance up front, but not enough for our floor. Keep looking.

Hubby meets me at the second HD. I point out a couple of ceramic choices I like. Then I tell him that the first HD had a bunch of the Travertine that he was then drooling over at the current HD, but I didn't think they had enough of the right shade (turns out there are 3 shades of the Tavas and I have to pick shade 1).

So find someone that actually works there to call around and see which stores what what quantity. It also turns out that those three shades all have the same SKU number. Gr.

Hubby heads to choice one after we bought all that choice two has, 4 boxes (36 square feet) and I head south to see how much choice three has. My store only had 6 boxes (54 square feet) of the stone. But choice one actually had 48 boxes (9 sqft per box, you do the math - I'm tired) so we may actually have enough.

So we're back home taking care of animals and knowing I
need to get more paint on the walls.

Thusly the wall painting begins. The basecoat had to get up on the main room walls so I'm not working around hubby while he's laying the floor, after ripping up the stones that were laid yesterday.

This is what happens when you are doing something you usually enjoy but are so tired and beat and your hands and arms are dead from everything else. You ignore a clock of any sort and just go till you are finished.

We now have a really nice base coat on the main room walls all ready for the first faux top coat. Right after I finish the ceiling that hubby started.

And no I didn't go all the way to floor. There will be mortar, and stone and grout and baseboards to cover that up. But it is primed.

Yes the ceiling is blue, very blue, lots and lots of blue.

Windjammer blue to be precise. Now just imagine lots of fauxed fluffy sponged on clouds all over it.

That's the tech area ceiling that I painted Wednesday night. Hubby finished the install of the skylight yesterday while I was at work.

The main room lights (full spectrum indirect natural light) are on back order for now, but the skylights and portable halogens are doing the trick.

Considering I crashed at 1am, no knitting happened, heck dinner didn't even happen. Sleep happened, but not nearly enough.

Maybe I'll get caught up on that next month.

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