Monday, October 15, 2007

Big Rocks

and no I'm not talking about the ones that keep appearing by magic in my side yard.

Rosemary has started Monday Musings and her musing for today fits in perfectly with what I intended to post today.

One thing DH and I are going to realize from all the Foster Parent prep (Okay he knew this already - it is I who has trouble with it) is taking care of what matters.

The garage can be a mess, the living room carpet can be desparately in need of a vacuuming, the laundry can be taking over the bedroom, but none of that matters if the big rocks are taken care of. Taking care of yourself, taking care of your loved ones, taking care of your pets (they fall into the previous statement but they like to be acknowledged separately).

That being said, yesterday was a really nice day. DH let me sleep late. Thank you kindly friend Nathan for leaving the DS with Puzzlequest at my house for him to play. I woke up when he was attempting to capture a monster and I LOVE the capture screens. It's Bejewled with a purpose. You have to clear the board of all gems and skulls for a Capture. I don't even want to tell you how long that one took us, but I got it.

At one point we figured I better at least throw some clothes on and let the dogs out. So out I went and watched them run around the yard, and I played catch with Scrat (he gets to play every morning with me). Nemo and Rasta (cats) got to spend the day out of doors. The only thing I had on my plate for the day was grocery shopping (little did I know).

After the dogs went out I curled back up with him to watch him play some more and our little girl kitty, Kaji, came in and curled up with us. Hubby and I finally started to make ourselves ready to start the day around 2 pm. And it wasn't being lazy, it was just taking time to relax for a change.

So I hit the grocery store, then I decided I better purge the storage locker, also known as my car. That leads me past the hall bathroom where I see that darling dearest has left the empty toilet paper roll on the seat to let me know we have none in the house. So out the garage where DH is attempting to find the floor again, to scrounge for the Costco TP pack and the new pack of paper towels.

At this point he asks me to find a place to store that stuff in the house. Easier said than done let me tell you. Then I remember the red headed step child corner of the laundry that just gets mindless 'this needs to be out of my way for now' stuff crammed into it. Would be perfect for this bulk stuff, and it's way EASIER than cleaning out the pantry (there's a scary project waiting to happen).

I now have a storage locker full of stuff for Goodwill from that corner and a place for bulk dry goods storage and my vacuum cleaner. Granted I still have to clean out the pantry, but it's not a big rock. I also have a back seat in my car again. lol

The best kicker of the day is getting to end and being able to curl up with the dogs in the Papasan and just veg. I made a fire last night and curled up with the dogs and my DS and Puzzlequest (I'm not nearly as good as he is) and just hung out. Got a bit late, so doggies out for last call then put them to bed.

By this time DH had come in to take a shower and told me Smokey Cat was hanging out by the front door and wanted some attention. So after I put the dogs away I went out and cuddled with him for a bit and decided to bring him for a little while.

He spent a good hour curled up on my lap, even after I fell asleep and couldn't make sure he'd stay in my lap.

Smokey Cat isn't much of a snuggler (see tomorrow's post and you'll understand), and he's definitely not an indoor cat. He has a dog house on the back porch filled with polar fleece and a heating disc I warm up for him when it's really cold, but occasionally he wants more.

The animals are one of my biggest rocks. I love all of them in spite of their complete irreverence for my floors, the fur bunnies in the hallway, the burrs I step on the in middle of the night, or the crabs that keep trying to escape from the fish tank. Even though I know that my house will never be spotless until the day there are no more pets (I sincerely hope that day isn't anytime soon) and no outfit is complete without contrasting fur, I don't know what I'd do without them.

Sunday was a day for big rocks.

PS And with that I got a handle on the laundry the living room got vacuumed, and I might get a chance to start a new quilt tonight.

PPS I have ALMOST finished my first sock for me. 14 more rows and grafting. It's a little big, but I'm okay with that. It looks cool. More pics once I find my camera charger. Gr.

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