Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They Fit!

for now anyway.

In spite of all the baby presents I've made this year - 3 pairs of booties and one quilt, this is the first picture I've gotten of the baby actually wearing/using the item given.

Since I am not at all in the habit of exposing other people's children to the weirdos of the internet, no names will be mentioned. If you happen to know who the little mite is, be considerate and don't leave that information in the comments. I promised her mom and dad.

Just know that she's 3 months old, too cute for words and if she lived closer I'd be begging to babysit.

I am working on a present for another baby that isn't due till March. I am currently trying to choose which stitch I want to use, because the first choice is boring me to tears.

Thank goodness my Barbara Walker Treasury Books showed up.

How do you pick just one? Stitch that is, I got the First and Second book in the series.

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Romi said...

OMG. So cute! :)