Friday, October 5, 2007

The timing must be right

I did it.

I bit the bullet so to speak.

I called Family, Youth and Children's Services today and spoke with a lovely woman about their foster program and what we have to do to get started.

1. You have to go to the orientation. There happens to be one this upcoming Wednesday evening. The next one's not for 5 more weeks.

2. You have to go to the Partnerships in Parenting classes which are 9 weeks of classes one night a week. It started yesterday, BUT, if we make the next 8 classes we are good. So hubby is moving his guitar class to a different night and we are going to PIP classes on Thursdays for the next 8 weeks. This is totally worth missing Grey's Anatomy - the only show I actually try to watch these days ;-)

3. We have to be certified in First Aid and CPR, so I am probably using some of our weekends in November getting those certifications.

Not mention the background check, well water test (I wonder how recent they have to be, because we've had a couple done since we moved in), TB test for us and our friends (maybe, at least the ones that are at the house most often) and the health form.

If nothing gets in the way, we could be licensed by Christmas. After that, I have no idea when we would get a placement. We will also be trying to do whatever we have to do to get setup with the State Adoptions program at or around the same time.

And I don't even want to know if the number of animals we have is going to get in the way of anything. They are my babies too, and they aren't going anywhere.

Also does anyone know of any good meal planning, menu planning, eating smart classes that are available to the general public? I'm going to need it.

Life just got busier, but it's going to be worth it.

PS - We are not giving up on having one of our own, but I am done with procedures. It either happens naturally or not at all. At least that is my current stance on that. My emotions in this area are pretty fluid.


Anonymous said...
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Romi said...

Wow. What an amazing, wonderful and giving thing to do! You da bomb. Big time.