Thursday, October 11, 2007

First Remember to Breathe

The decision to become a Foster Parent is not an easy one. But it is something that I have been considering for years, just never got up the nerve to talk to Hubby about it.

Obviously current circumstances changed that, but boy is this scary.

I went to the Orientation last night. There is a lot to do. A lot to ask our friends to do. We need references.

I have to figure out how to lock up all the chemicals in our house (is being able to lock them in the laundry room with a keyed lock enough?). We have to find a way to prevent children from being able to fall into our pond without have to put up a fence around such a small area.

There doesn't seem to be a problem with the number of animals in my house, though some of other people at the meeting may think I'm a little whacked for having so many.

We found out that in order to adopt in the state of California you HAVE to be a licensed Foster Parent first. So don't start the adoption process first then jump on the FP bandwagon. Do both at the same time or the Foster License first. So I did something right by calling the FYCS first.

It seems like there are a billion things to do.

Just remember to breathe.

No pics till I find my stupid battery charger. But knitting (Poncho and Tuscany) has been happening.


Romi said...

Always so much to do, isn't there?! But you'll get through it. :)

lv2knit said...

Good luck with the process -- it is quite daunting! Re: the stitch on "Homage" is described in the post, row by row. It is fun and easy.