Friday, February 20, 2009

He Needs More Training...

This is how I woke up Saturday morning:

funny pictures of dogs with captions

It was 4:20 in the morning. You cannot possibly blame me.

Hubby and I play an online game called Travian. I'd give you the link but I don't think I need to corrupt any other people today. Just know that it is a massive time suck.

The point of the game, besides taking up all of your spare time, is to be part of the alliance at the end of the server that builds the World Wonder.

Well to build the WW you have to take a WW village. Hubby wasn't slated to take a WW village. We were simply providing support. Well one of the WW's our META was supposed to try to grab wasn't grabbed. The bad guys got it. Hubby is this particular set of bad guys Public Enemy #1. He put together a plan Friday and by the time I got home Friday night had all the troops launched and coordinated to attempt to steal it from the bad guys.

Needless to say he got it and came in at 4:20 IN THE MORNING ON VALENTINE'S DAY and woke me up to tell me. I'd been sick. So I was still sleeping in the recliner so I could breathe at night. Then he left the light on. So I had to get up and turn it off, and crawl back under the cats.

Then HE CAME BACK IN and said that I didn't understand, I have to come help. You have GOT to be kidding me. This for a game, for a WW that he did NOT want.

Needless to say I got up. Put out the call for reinforcements. Needless to say the bad guys wanted it back. A week later we still have it, the bad guys are still pissed about it and all of our spare time is going to managing it.

I love my husband dearly and I want him to see 'end game' because he's been playing since APRIL, but if he so much as even thinks about starting this up on another server I'll strangle him and bury him with his computer under the new concrete area we are forming up in the front yard. Trust me, they won't find him.

So for V Day I got a WW village. I'd have settled for a card*.

* he did take me to dinner but still


Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

You are a good wife. I would have called some Vikings in to rape and pillage his village.

poppingbubbles said...

BWAHAHA! I still can't believe you got up! You are an excellent wife! I think you should wake him up one morning at 4:20 to help you wind yarn into balls, that'll teach him! ;)

AlisonH said...

You're nicer than I am. My husband, who does like his silly video games (I do not), would never have dared.