Friday, February 27, 2009

Look... Knitting

I do still knit. I have proof.

That is my basic beanie hat in Plymouth Baby Alpaca in Black. Just over one skein.

I knit this up on size 6's because I wanted this to be nice and tight and warm for the recipient.

On that hat are some stitch markers I received in the mail yesterday as a surprise. They are from Kellie a.k.a Lizardtoes on etsy. Someone knows I like pink and purple and orange. I cannot wait to try these.

I finally got pics of the other things I finished and sent out in the past few weeks to assorted co-workers.

That is the Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun pattern in Paton's Scotland Tweed in a brown with orange, yellow and green flecks.

This particular co-worker told me over a year ago that he got a new jacket that had a brown lining and I offered a scarf to go with it. Sight unseen.

Thankfully I know that when a guy says something is brown, he means brown. Not taupe, or coffee, or nutmeg, or chestnut, but brown. Perfect match if I do say so myself.

Off to Stitches West to drool over fiber galore tomorrow. Should be fun.


perpstu said...

Have fun! Next year I'll try to schedule a road trip so we can go together. I can vouch for your knitting as I have seen it first hand and it is beautiful!

AlisonH said...

Oh phew, so I didn't miss you today. Tomorrow I'll be at the front at the Lacy Knitters' Guild booth to sign books at 2 pm, so you know that I'll be sitting still in one place and findable for at least a little while!

Anonymous said...

Can wait to see you!!

Wear your comfy shoes .....