Monday, June 11, 2007

Just call me Jenn....

This is the story of a dork that runs around on the internet under the moniker of Tiny Tyrant.

Very few people know that this young (ha she wishes!) lady is really known as just plain Jenn.

Why Tiny Tyrant?

Probably because of the year she badgered enough of her co-workers into forming about 4 separate volleyball teams for the business park league whether they wanted to play or not.

Any way, when you're 5'2" and have the temper better suited to a redhead - you g
et called things MUCH worse than Tiny Tyrant, so she thinks she'll go with it. You never know, she might bite if she hears what you really think of her.

Last week the Tiny Tyrant was in fine form. Work was driving her nuts, in spite of the wonderful news of a promotion (how will she EVER live up to the new title?), a couple of people in particular decided to take an extra dose of stupid by Tuesday and it was all TT could do to keep her
temper and tone of voice under control.

Then there was that whole medical thing. Thankfully that turned out well, but the stress of that on top of everything else was almost too much.

But wait! There was a light at the end of the tunnel. Tiny Tyrant was getting a girls night out the day before her surgery. The Yarn Harlot was coming to town and TT had been planning for it for at least 2 months. Nothing was getting in the way of this, not volleyball, not work, not surgery (okay maybe surgery but she got lucky with that one).

TT and her trusty colleague Taunya had plans
to leave work early to get a parking place and have a nice dinner before heading down the street to the bookstore. Seating passes were ready, books to be signed were packed (TT has all four you know), the present for Ms Pearl-McPhee was wrapped.

Then TT's phone rings. It was time for TT and T to leave so they wouldn't be late. Voicemail really is a beautiful thing, especially if you KNOW you won't be in the office the next day. TT managed to escape while still covering her bases, because she really didn't want to leave anyone in a bind.

Dinner was great. Then they headed down to the bookstore at 6:15 and OH MY GOSH the number of people that had beaten them there was amazing. Okay not really since this was the Yarn Harlot after all.

If you are any kind of knitter, you use every weap
on in your arsenal to go see this woman in person.

TT and T found a couple of seats and settled in with what else but their knitting. TT, having a short attention span and all managed to work on or frog every project she brought with her while waiting for the Harlot to speak, and while she was speaking. T finished her third sock and started another. TT really is a dork at heart because she has NO pictures of this.

The talk was wonderful, people were laughing and knitting and having a grand old time. Then the book signing began, or more pointedly (lol) the line for the book signing. The talk started at 7pm. By the time TT and T made it up to the Harlot's realm (10 pm after at least one phone call from hubby making sure TT is okay), TT couldn't see how the Harlot was still smiling and making people laugh and not being nervous at all.

Now being an alter ego and all TT doesn't expect to ever get recognized, anywhere. Having just become a recent commenter to the Harlot's blog, she knows there is no way Ms Pearl-McPhee will ever recognize her, but she tries anyway. TT had the little post-it to personal her books labeled with Tiny Tyrant. If nothing else she'd at least have that in her books.

TT (nervous as all get out) walks up and says hi and hands the Harlot her gift:

Batik Needle holder

Rowan Kidsilk in Fuchsia (TT's not totally stupid you know)
A skein of super wash merino fleece
A wool needle from Knitterly
A pair of straights from Japan (Thanks 'Mom' - only gave away one pair)

YH was kind enough to enthuse over all of it, which was wonderful. As all three of us were fighting to get everything back into it's wrapper (the needle holder) I asked her to sign my books.

I couldn't believe it when she said: "You're T
iny Tyrant? That's like introducing yourself as Bruce Wayne then letting everyone know you're Batman!" (I'm paraphrasing my memory sucks sometimes)

She took TT & T's picture with THE SOCK:

Then T took a picture of TT with Ms Harlot.

And they both headed home pretty much on cloud nine. It couldn't have been a better night.

Note that TT realized belatedly that she still had her hospital bracelet from the preop appointment. It was mentioned at the beginning, she is a dork.

But she's a dork that knits, so all is well.


Running by.... said...

Yes, Tiny Tyrant is most fitting.

And yes, it was a fine day--even if you didn't take pics of my 3rd sock! ; ) the've been living up to your new title for years now. The promotion was late in coming, but then we both knew that.

Running by.... said...

OMG...SO what is your home email?

New Knitty patterns: I know what I'm gonna do with the kid mohair!